impressed with incredible action feat at the premiere of his latest film

impressed with incredible action feat at the premiere of his latest film
Ryan Gosling impressed with incredible action feat at the premiere of his latest film

During the presentation of his latest film “Profession Danger”, the actor, along with his doubles, performed a surprising performance as part of a planned strategy to impress the audience.

At the recent premiere of Profession danger (The Fall Guy) In Los Angeles, the famous actor made an appearance that captured everyone’s attention, not only for his impeccable mint-colored suit but for the symbolic gesture in honor of stunt doubles in cinema.

Accompanied by experienced Ben Jenkins and Logan Holladaywho wore the same outfit, Gosling was placed at the center of a performance that illustrated the bravery and commitment of the stuntmen.

The Oscar nominee pays tribute to stuntmen at the “Dangerous” premiere in Los Angeles. (REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni)

The also protagonist of La La Land and Barbie highlighted on the red carpet the inestimable value of the work of stuntmen, emphasizing that “They are unsung heroes” who “risk more than anyone on a film set.” This event preceded the presentation of the Guinness world record to Holladay for performing the most car flips during a scene in the film, demonstrating the extreme level of his commitment and skill.

The initiative of Ryan Gosling and the film’s team publicly recognizing the value of stuntmen is an echo of the growing call within the Hollywood community for an Oscar category dedicated solely to recognizing the work of these professionals.

Together with Emily Blunt, the actor embarks on a unique story inspired by the real work of stuntmen. (REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni)

The film, directed by the former stuntman David Leitchknown for his work in Atomic and as producer of the series John Wickis presented as a tribute to this community. The Fall Guy tells the story of Colt Seaversplayed by Gosling, a stuntman whose life takes an unexpected turn that takes him from Hollywood to Australia.

In addition to the elaborate and exciting action sequences, the production shines in its romantic comedy moments, where Emily Blunt, who plays Jody Moreno, and Gosling, demonstrate unparalleled chemistry. According to comments from the specialized press, these moments provide the film with an intimacy and humanity that distinguishes Leitch’s work.

The film industry recognizes the bravery of stuntmen through the new film. (REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni)

The story unfolds through a mystery and action plot, where twists and stunts are the order of the day, from nightclub fights to high-speed chases in the city of Sydney. But beyond the adrenaline, Profession danger highlights the solidarity and camaraderie between the doubles, with the main characters capturing the essence of the relationships and tensions that arise on film sets.

This title, in addition to being an action adventure, becomes a commentary on the film industry, putting in the foreground those whose work is essential but often overshadowed by the brilliance of the stars in front of the camera.

The film is a mix of action and romantic comedy that surprises the audience. (Universal Pictures)

The Fall Guy either Profession dangerstarring Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt, has provoked mixed opinions among film critics. Manohla Dargis, of the The New York Timescomments that the film is “It’s a fun and clever nonsense. about a guy who lives to be brutalized over and over again… which may be a metaphor for contemporary masculinity and its discontents, but maybe not.”

For his part, Richard Lawson, of Vanity Fair, praises Gosling’s performance, noting that it’s a reminder of “how many barely passable action movies of the past leaned too easily on charisma.” Kelechi Ehenulo, from Empire Magazinereckons that with “some incredible stunts and Gosling and Blunt in top form, this gloriously entertaining comedy is a love letter to the unsung heroes of cinema”.

The chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt stands out in the new action romantic comedy. (Universal Pictures)

The Associated Press’ Lindsey Bahr appreciates that the film includes “self-referential humor, industry jokes and the promise of a little romance,” noting that it feels like one of those films that everyone says they don’t make anymore.

However, Kevin Maher of The Times UKoffers a less favorable review, describing the film as “lazy incoherence, cliché or heavy repetition,” and specifically mentions a recurring joke about a stunt dog that “only responds to commands in French. He’s funny at first, but then, like every slight glimmer of originality in the film, he gets overused to death.”

The film accumulates 86% approval on the Rotten Tomatoes portal after the publication of more than 180 reviews until May 2.

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