“We are united as a family not to give up”

Prominent journalists have passed through Noticias Caracol during its more than 20 years of broadcasting, demonstrating their commitment to the work and leaving an indelible mark in the memory of viewers, thanks to their professionalism when presenting their reports.

This way, many of them have managed to create a special connection with the audience, which after passing through the news program is reflected in their list of followers on social networks.a means by which they closely follow his new projects and know various details related to his personal life.

As reported in Noticias Caracol, The communicator is desperate for the health of her daughter, who was diagnosed with an orphan disease and the EPS has not given him the medication for his treatment, which has greatly harmed his well-being as the days go by.

Photo: Twitter @NoticiasCaracol | Photo: Photo: Twitter @NoticiasCaracol

The youngest is called Antonia, she is 2 years old and, as Gallegos explained, she was diagnosed with Morquio Syndrome type A, “a disease that has no cure and that, over the years, attacks all the organs of the body. if treatment is not started immediately,” they explained in the newscast.

The concern of the journalist and her family increases, since the EPS that is aware of her case has not authorized the delivery of medications, despite the fact that it is urgent to guarantee an improvement in her state of health.

Daughter of presenter Juliana Gallegos | Photo: Screenshot Noticias Caracol

“We need treatment for Antonia now, we cannot continue waiting for the New EPS to tell us that it is in the scientific committee. The girl has already been diagnosed and the sooner she starts treatment, the better her quality of life will be.”, he commented on the difficult situation he is going through.

Former journalist from 'Noticias Caracol' faces a difficult situation with his daughter and asks for help:
Journalist Juliana Gallegos asks for help for her daughter. | Photo: Screenshot Noticias Caracol

“We feel that because the girl is still very young and has not advanced the disease, They give us pause, because it is not a matter of life or death for her, but for us as a family it is.because we want the girl to grow well and happy through this treatment,” added Juliana Gallegos.

The news item also pointed out that the monthly treatment that the minor requires has a cost of 200 million pesos, which is equivalent to 1,800 million a year, a figure that is unsustainable for her family, which is why she insistently requests that the EPS give her Help with medications without any interruption.

“Please help us so that our complaint reaches #Nuevaeps. Morquio Syndrome knocked on our door, but here we are united as a family not to give up. We are willing to do everything for Anto and we know that we have a lot of love around us that will help us achieve it. Thanks to @noticiascaracol, my home for so many years, for helping us make it visible,” the journalist wrote through her Instagram account.

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