Kel Calderón confirmed what was already an open secret

Kel Calderón confirmed what was already an open secret
Kel Calderón confirmed what was already an open secret

Written in ENTERTAINMENT he 3/5/2024 · 8:34 p.m.

Kel Calderon She is one of the most recognized ‘influencers’ in the country and who represents us internationally. She has a very strong sense of fashion and image and is constantly inspiring her community in that area. As if that were not enough, she confessed what was already an open secret.

TO Kel Calderon He loves to travel and live new experiences. In 2024 he has already gone to Barcelona, ​​Finland and national towns. On the other hand, she has a great love for music and concerts. That is the reason that took her to Buenos Aires.

Kel Calderon. Source: (Google).

The ‘influencer’ Kel Calderon traveled to the capital of the trans-Andean country to live the Karol G concert. She wore a spectacular look and was photographed in the stadium taking advantage of this great experience.

Kel Calderon. Source: (Google).

Although he had a spectacular time, Kel Calderon He commented that this weekend that happened she had a cold at home. The cold has been very intense in Buenos Aires. However, she lived everything to the fullest.

Although she had a spectacular time, Kel Calderón commented that this weekend she had a cold at home.

Kel Calderon. Source: (Instagram).

Kel Calderón lives life to the fullest

There is not a moment when Kel is not traveling, at a concert or work event. He loves these routines that are not monotonous where one day he is there and another day he is here.

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