What Alfonso Basterra was doing before being convicted of the murder of Asunta

What Alfonso Basterra was doing before being convicted of the murder of Asunta
What Alfonso Basterra was doing before being convicted of the murder of Asunta

Alfonso Basterra, father of Asunta Basterra (Europa Press)

The Asunta case, one of the most famous murders in Spain, has returned to the front pages thanks to the series released by Netflix, starring Candela Peña and Tristán Ulloa. The two actors play the adoptive parents of Asunta Basterra Porto, sentenced to 18 years in prison for the little girl’s murder.

They both gave Asunta lorazepam and then suffocated her and left her body lying on a forest track near her mother’s house. Rosario Porto, as confirmed by the sentence issued against him. The father was one of the material authors, but What did Alfonso Bastera do before entering prison?

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Basterra was born in 1964 in Bilbao. At the age of 30 he settled in Santiago de Compostela where he began working as economic journalist in the local city newspaper, The Galician Post. She later became a ‘freelance’ journalist and held different jobs in press offices such as the Padrón City Council, where she lived, and in various media outlets, such as Expansion or the Chain Cope.

In the latter he had ended up specializing in tourism information. However, on October 26, 1996 he married Rosario Porto and stopped working for live off his wife’s wealth. Porto was a member of a wealthy family in Santiago and the daughter of a lawyer and a professor of History.

She manages to lead this life until February 14, 2013, when both separate due to a marital crisis and the husband ends up living poorly in a two-bedroom apartment with only four pieces of furnituresurviving only on a small loan from one of his aunts.

Her luck smiled again a few months later, when Rosario suffered a severe rheumatic disease. His parents had already died and without siblings or close relatives, Basterra became his only livelihood. This is the moment in which it is considered that they begin to hatch the plan to kill Asunta.

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During the investigation, thanks to toxicological analyses, it was revealed high doses of anxiolytics on the corpse, not only at the time of death, but for at least three months before, and the forensic study confirmed that the minor’s death had been violent. Two experts who testified at the trial stated that Asunta had ingested at least 27 one-milligram Orfidal pills on the day of her death.

The judge concluded that the murder of the girl responded to “a premeditated planexecuted gradually,” and that it was “impossible without the participation, or at least the consent of both defendants.”

Official trailer for ‘The Asunta Case’.

The parents had been purchasing large quantities of lorazepam since July of that year and were giving it in increasingly higher doses to their daughter, as if from a experiment will be dealt with. The girl gradually showed episodes of drowsiness. The worst incident occurred on July 22, when Asunta confessed to her teachers that her parents “cheat” on her and that her mother gave her “some white powder that makes her sleep for days.”

On the day of her death, the three of them ate together, at which point they made her swallow the 27 pills. Later they leave her house to go to her mother’s chalet, in her car, in which according to her sentence, her father was also hiding in the back of her car. In that house it is not completely known what happened, but it is known that the daughter came out dead and tied by the hands and legs, to be abandoned on the forest trail where she was found.

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