David Beckham celebrates his birthday enjoying Castilian haute cuisine: this is the chef from Valladolid who created the menu

David Beckham celebrates his birthday enjoying Castilian haute cuisine: this is the chef from Valladolid who created the menu
David Beckham celebrates his birthday enjoying Castilian haute cuisine: this is the chef from Valladolid who created the menu

David and Victoria Beckham with chef Gordon Ramsay and his wife at the Dámaso restaurant

The 49th birthday of the former footballer and model David Beckham This year it has been marinated with the best wine from Ribera del Duero and accompanied by the best products of León cuisine. He former Real Madrid footballer He celebrated his day by traveling to the city of Valladolid together with his wife, Victoria, and the British chef Gordon Ramsayplus a couple of companions.

In the Castilian-Leonese city, the couple and their companions enjoyed a complete gastronomic experience, visiting the Vega Sicilia Wineries, one of the most recognized in the area. Then the Beckhams had a authentic Castilian feast in the same facilities by one of the most renowned chefs in Valladolid: Damaso Vergarachef of the Dámaso restaurant, a place recommended by the Michelin Guide that has a unique gastronomic offer.

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The chef Damaso Vergara, recognized in 2023 as the best chef in Castilla y León, opened this restaurant in 2017 and, since its inception, has maintained a unique culinary approach. In this establishment, located on the 9th hole of the La Galera golf course, located north of the Castilian-Leonese capital, there are no predetermined menus. Vergara selects each preparation of the day based on fresh ingredients available on the market, personally recommending to each of its diners the dishes best suited to their tastes and preferences. Its cuisine, which is distinguished by its classic base with modern touches, has a special predilection for game, stews, vegetables and offal.

The Beckham family, accompanied by television chef Ramsey, went last Saturday to the restaurant, which boasts a Repsol Sun, to eat and enjoy, letting yourself be recommended by the chef, who came to your table to recite the dishes of the day and advise the group. According to various local media, while the former Real Madrid footballer enjoyed some calluses; his wife did it for a hake with asparagus, peas and artichokes.

About this exclusive evening, the restaurant shared an image on its social networks. “In this house everything is great: the wines, the generosity, the people who are part of the winery and also their guests. “Today has been a truly great day,” the restaurant wrote on its Instagram account.

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But his gastronomic tour through the province of Valladolid did not end there. In addition to lunch, the Beckhams enjoyed a visit to the well-known Vega Sicilia wineries, in the Valladolid town of Valbuena de Duero. There, Victoria and David, together with the Ramsays, had the opportunity to taste wines from especially emotional vintages: a vintage from 1975, coinciding with the year of David’s birth, another from 1999, the year they married, and a last one from 2014, the date of the footballer’s entry into the ownership of Inter Miami.

Vega Sicilia Wineries, in the Valladolid town of Valbuena de Duero (Tempos Vega Sicilia)

The Vega Sicilia winery born in 1982 hand in hand with the Álvarez family, its current owner, the year in which this family business acquired the legendary Ribera del Duero winery to which, over the years, the rest of its wineries would be added. Some of its wines have achieved international recognition. This is the case of Vega Sicilia Único Reserva Especial, a wine that is at the top of the ranking of Spanish wines, with 100 points in the Peñín Guide.

In addition to its exclusive wines, this winery is striking for its special environment and its facilities, a destination in themselves. The entrance path to the winery is flanked by a Japanese garden, where there is no shortage of bamboo, redwoods or maples that welcome the visitor. Visitors are welcomed by a sober main façade of exposed brick, presided over by the doorway of what was once it was the chapel of the core of buildings that were part of the farm. At the back of the building, there are the bowels of the winery, a series of buildings that house the different production areas.

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