The exercise that combats flabby arms and bat wings if you do it 5 minutes a day (you don’t need weights)

Why do the arms seem to lose firmness over the years and begin to look those undesirable “bat wings”? The answer lies in the natural tendency to accumulate fat around the triceps area, especially from 50which results in the sagging that worries us so much and that causes us discomfort when greeting or when putting on a sleeveless blouse. Does it happen to you? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

Many women experience this change as they age, and although it may be frustrating, there is a simple solution It will only take you 5 minutes a day to get rid of those flabby arms. Yes, you read that right, in just In 5 minutes you can transform the appearance of your arms and say goodbye to those bat wings to have stronger, leaner triceps in just a few weeks.

The trick is in a simple and effective exercise that you have probably heard of, especially if you play sports often or have gone to the gym on some occasion.

But do you know what is best of all? In addition to being able to tone that area that worries you so much, it is a routine that you can Practice from the comfort of your home, and you can do it without weight! Although I’m not going to lie to you, to achieve more effective results and in less time, I It is better to always use some weight in your exerciseseven if it is little and gradually.

The solution to end flabby arms and bat wings

flabby armsflabby arms


What have you ever heard of? the triceps kick? Well, this is precisely the exercise that I come to talk to you about today, a key (and easy) movement to tone and get rid of flabby arms.

And you may not know it, but the largest muscle in your arms is not the biceps, but the triceps, composed of three heads that require specific attention.

“The triceps kick is one of the most versatile and popular exercises to develop and strengthen the triceps muscles of your arms. And this is because It is highly effective and can be done almost anywhere.even in the comfort of your home with a simple dumbbell,” explains Zeta Méndez, a trainer specializing in women.

However, the coach remembers that it is important complement triceps training with biceps trainingto achieve harmonious muscle balance.

Teabag hikeTeabag hike

This is how you can do the triceps kick at home and without weights

Now, let’s talk about how to do this exercise without the need for specialized equipment. The ideal, as I told you at the beginning, is to have some weight to get better results, but if you don’t have weights on hand, don’t worry! You can use objects you have at home, such as two bottles of water of one liter, one and a half or two liters, depending on your strength level. To perform the triceps kick, follow these steps.

triceps kicktriceps kick

Example of the dumbbell triceps kick.


  1. Initial position. Sit in a chair with your back straight and your feet flat on the floor. Hold the weight with both hands, keeping your elbows bent and close to your body. You can also do it standing, with your knees bent so as not to put the weight on your lower back.
  2. Motion. Extend your arms behind you, bringing your weight up, keeping your elbows close to your body. Feel your triceps muscles contract as you perform this movement. If you do it without weight, use force in each movement, squeezing the muscle during execution.
  3. Return. Slowly return to the starting position, controlling the movement to avoid injury.

Repeat this movement for 5 minutes a day, dividing the time into sets of repetitions. Start with 3 sets of 10 repetitions eachresting between 40 and 60 seconds per set, and gradually increase weight and repetitions as you feel stronger.

You can also complement this triceps exercise with other biceps exercises or the same musclefor example, French press, push-ups, triceps extension, etc.

Also remember that the muscle needs to rest to grow, so it is not advisable to train it every day of the week. The ideal is that you leave a minimum of 48 hours of restand practice the exercise about 3-4 days per week.

Smiling woman doing plankSmiling woman doing plank

How to do it correctly?

According to trainer Janettsy Chiszar, the key to performing the triceps kick effectively is keep your back straight, knees semi-bent and lean forward slightly. This position will allow you to work comfortably and efficiently, maximizing the benefits of exercise.

It is important to avoid certain common mistakessuch as arching the back, picking up too much weight or making sudden movements that can compromise the effectiveness of the exercise.

  • Don’t arch your back. Maintain a stable posture and avoid leaning back while you do the exercise.
  • Don’t use too heavy a weight. It is important to find a weight that challenges you without compromising technique appropriate.
  • Do not rush. Control movement at all times, avoiding swinging your arms or perform quick repetitions.

Technique is also trained and learned, calmly. The important is that notice that you are working that specific muscle, and correct your posture when you feel that another area of ​​the body that is not being subjected to that resistance bothers you. This is fundamental if you want to get the best results.

dumbbell triceps extensiondumbbell triceps extension

Benefits and time to notice results

triceps kick benefitstriceps kick benefits


The benefits of the triceps kick range beyond toning your arms, which is why it is an exercise that experts like so much. It also strengthens your triceps muscles, which improve your strength and functional ability in daily activities. And of course, when working this specific area, you will notice a reduction in sagging arms and a more defined and toned appearance.

As for results, don’t expect drastic changes overnight. As with any exercise routine, consistency is key. However, if you put effort, dedication and commitment into it, you will begin to notice improvements. in just a few weeks.

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