The galactic codes were of no use to Mafe Walker and she was eliminated from The House of the Famous

The galactic codes were of no use to Mafe Walker and she was eliminated from The House of the Famous
The galactic codes were of no use to Mafe Walker and she was eliminated from The House of the Famous

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After a week full of controversies and attacks, which ended with the expulsion of a contestant, the reality The house of the famous closed on Sunday with a new elimination in the format that They broadcast RCN and the Vix platform.

On Saturday, after the traditional Friday party, where there was a lot of liquor, from the program Venezuelan Isabella Santiago was expelled “for violating several rules”while Miguel Melfi, Karen Sevillano and Camilo Pulgarín They received as a sanction the nomination for elimination.

The expulsion of Isabella Santiago greatly affected the so-called galactic team (Martha Isabel, Julián, Sebastián and Mafe) and in turn all its members were nominated for elimination.

After the voting day by the audiences, the content creator Mafe Walker, 42, said goodbye to the competition The house of the famous Colombiaobtaining only 4.68% of the total votes.

On Sunday night, the voting table was led by Karen Sevillano, with 33.06% of the votes; followed by Miguel Melfi, with 22.58%; Julián Trujillo with 12.43%, Camilo Pulgarín with 10.69%, Martha Isabel Bolaños with 8.72% and Sebastián González with 7.84%.

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The votes of Karen, Melfi and Camilo are surprising since they could only vote for them for 24 hourswhile the others, for example, Mafe, spent almost the entire week on the elimination board.

As is customary, the eliminated (number 14 since the reality show began) had to leave one of her companions at La Placa, with which a new week of competition begins. This time, The chosen one was Alfredo Redes.

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Mafe, recognized for its supposed extraterrestrial connections and for the particular language it uses to communicate with beings from other planets, using codes “I love you, I love myself”, During his time in the program, he was characterized by his serenity and his low profile in conflictive situations with other competitors. In the tests he never stood out.

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This week, in The house of the famous There will be two days of elimination. The first will be on Tuesday and the first elimination on Wednesday. The second application will be on Friday and the second elimination will be on Sunday.

Contestants must remain 17 weeks in the program and the prize for the winner is 400 million pesos. The space must end in mid-June, before the Copa América begins.

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