This is the message from the Guardian Angel for people of Cancer, Leo and Virgo this May 7

A Guardian angel It is a being of light that is responsible for illuminating our path in every step we take in this life. Whenever we need his help, this winged being will not hesitate to be by our side. All we have to do is invoke Him through prayer.

Each sign He has a favorite angel. This has the mission of advising us with powerful messages aimed at the central aspects of our existence so that we can achieve spiritual abundance. If you are one of the following signs, these words are for you.

This is the message of the Guardian Angel

Cancer: Muriel has a message to give yourself and that is that you do not stop perceiving that other people also have a particular sensitivity and that you must take care of. You must stop focusing only on yourself and that will make you grow as a human being.

This is the message from your guardian angel. Source: istock.

Leo: Miguel is you Guardian angel and what it wants today is for you to trust others when carrying out a collective project. Not only your point of view is valuable. You can build great things if you just learn to delegate tasks. It’s time to show your best version.

A guardian angel is sent from heaven. Source: istock.

Virgo: Rafael is the protector of your sign and what he wants to tell you today is to stop making so much trouble about things that only live in your head. Most of the things you fear never happened and never will happen. Learn to enjoy everyday life and what surrounds you in the here and now.

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