Chato Prada and Fede Hope fought because of Tinelli: “They had to be separated”

Monday, May 6, 2024


The dismissal of Chato Prada of LaFlia brought nothing but problems for the production company. The thing is that this fact exposed everything that had been hidden under the carpet for the last time. So much so, that it was revealed that the producer had a terrible violent encounter with Federico Hoppe because of Tinelli.

The production company was aware of all the problems they could face following the dismissal of someone who knew how to be the right hand of Marcelo. However, they decided to go ahead with this decision. That is why the bomb that exploded in the last week does not stop its shock wave.

It happens that, in Socios de Espectáculo, they revealed what the tense and violent moment that they experienced was like. Chato Prada and Federico Hoppe. Adrián Pallares revealed that the production company is trying to put out the fire: “Let no one talk more, let everyone dedicate themselves to their jobs, to the projects that are coming, but they don’t want anyone to give their opinion on this whole situation, which is very convulsive.” .

In this context, Rodrigo Lussich stated that the fight is nothing new: “Hoppe and Chato Prada have not spoken for more than a year. This crisis has been going on for more than months. “Last year they did the program without speaking.”

This gave rise to the story that there were even physical attacks: “There was an episode when the crisis broke out that led them almost to a standstill.” And he detailed: “They had to be separated so that they wouldn’t shit on each other at the Chato and Hoppe moment. Afterwards the thing was left in calm but icy water.”

Added to this, the endorsement of the versions would be seen on social networks, since the Flat and Hoppe They expose their situation on Instagram: “Yesterday Fede Flowers said that El Chato does follow Hoppe, but Hoppe does not follow Chato on the networks.”

Finally, in the program they did not rule out legal action being taken: “Apparently everything would be triggered when we have news about Chato’s future job, which would already have another destination, and that would be the final divorce. And over time we will find out if he makes a trial.”

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