The real “Martha” from Reindeer Baby showed her face and said she will go all out against Netflix: “It’s trash”

The real “Martha” from Reindeer Baby showed her face and said she will go all out against Netflix: “It’s trash”
The real “Martha” from Reindeer Baby showed her face and said she will go all out against Netflix: “It’s trash”

TO Richard Gadd Baby reindeer got out of hand. The success of hers made a army of fans of the show went out to look for their real stalker and a few weeks after its premiere, finally, the woman appeared.

Or so the Daily Record claims.

The Glasgow-based Scottish tabloid interviewed Fiona Harvey, a 58-year-old Scottish lawyer who claims to be the real “Martha.” According to the media, this person would have given the ok for them to show her face to the world.

Baby reindeer tells the story of donny, a comedian who one day begins to be harassed by a mysterious woman named Martha. According to Gadd, its creator and protagonist, the series is inspired by events that happened to him himself in the past.

Although the author said in several interviews that he and Netflix tried to protect his stalker and that his conflict with her was resolved, Internet users carried out a witch hunt that ended in Harvey. She does not deny having met Gadd, but she has another version of events.

“I am the victim”

The British tabloids had a feast with the Scottish woman’s statements to the Record. Her face, in addition to appearing in the Scottish media, was shown by The Sun, The Mirror and Aberdeen, among others.

In a first interview, Harvey said that she is “the victim” of this story and not Gadd. “I received death threats as a result of his program even though many of the things he claimed are simply not true.”

The image of Fiona Harvey, a 58-year-old Scottish lawyer. Photo: Daily Record video capture

The note shows her concern to realize that she, unlike the character in the series, was never a prisoner.

That’s why Harvey said he plans to sue Netflix for claiming Reindeer Baby is based on true events. “None of this happened. “It’s a lot of rubbish.”, he expressed. Who would represent her? She herself.

What did the real stalker do to Gadd?

According to the first information, it was known that the real harasser had started harassing Gadd in 2015.

For four and a half years, the woman sent him 41,071 emails, 350 hours of voice messages, 744 tweets, 46 Facebook messages, 106 pages of letters and he gave him the strangest gifts: from a toy reindeer – that’s what he nicknamed him – to underwear. She stalked him outside his house, at work, and even at his comedy shows.

A photo of the alleged Fiona Harvey published by The Sun.

The case escalated when “Martha” messed with her victim’s parents and partner. This led Gadd to report her to the police.

His conflict with the Daily Mail

In the midst of this tangle of information, the journalist Neil Sears, from the Daily Mail, claims to be being harassed by the same stalker as Gadd. While Sear doesn’t mention Fiona, one assumes it could very well be her.

The journalist claims that he became “Martha’s” new baby reindeer after going to her house to interview her for the tabloid.

“Last week I met the real-life Martha in her new one-bedroom apartment in a central London skyscraper. A short and solid woman (he told me that he had gained weight during the confinement, like many of us), with shoulder length brown hairI was sitting surrounded by boxes of belongings,” she begins.

In his defense, the journalist lists certain characteristics of the private life of the alleged real stalker that coincide with those of the character created by Gadd.

The woman told him she is a top lawyer and has a budget of just £30 a week to spend on food, for example. She also told him that she is a singer and that she plans to release an album of hers.

Donny and Martha in Baby Reindeer. Photo: Netflix.

“During the course of the interview She told me several times that she had ‘rejected Gadd’ because ‘she had a boyfriend’. “She talked about her ‘long-time partner’ who she claimed was a ‘QC’ and suggested she was in an ongoing relationship,” Nears recounted.

Three hours later, she would have started talking to him about Gadd. At first she told him that she had seen him only once, but towards the end of the interview she changed her version: it would have been “maybe four times.”

The journalist’s ordeal began ten minutes after his departure from “Martha’s” house. “That’s when the calls started. He called three times during my short trip home, which I answered and lasted a total of 19 minutes”.

He said that the next day the stalker called him ten times, the next fourteen and the next twenty-four. “And when I didn’t respond, incoherent stream-of-consciousness messages appeared, like the ones the fictional Martha leaves on the TV Show.”

He also said that the woman told him phrases such as “I will call the police if you ever come near me” or “I am suing you and that newspaper”, in addition to that all the time she told him that she was going to demand that the Daily Mail I fired him.

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