Marcela Tauro’s lapidary criticism of Big Brother and Del Moro

Marcela Tauro’s lapidary criticism of Big Brother and Del Moro
Marcela Tauro’s lapidary criticism of Big Brother and Del Moro

However, many of the specialists and fans thought that the sanction had fallen short for the participant, who had a tremendous attack of fury and violence with her partner, so they said she should be eliminated.

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Fury in his fight with Mauro

And precisely the controversy of the Furia scandal had been defended by the production of the Telefe reality show, hiding behind the fact that it had never touched a participant and this was the limit of the competition regulations. However, when this Sunday she pushed Mauro, the sanction was limited to her always having to go to the plate, while she remains in the house, without the possibility of her colleagues saving her from her.

Marcela Tauro with the top caps against Big Brother

It is in this context that in today’s program of Intrusos, when they addressed the topic, Marcela Tauro was lapidary with Big Brother, with the production and even flirted with the host, Santiago Del Moro.


Marcela Tauro went all out against Big Brother

“I understand that it is a television program and I understand that it is a show, but I also understand that when it suits them they override the rules. I liked Fury at one time, but he is unbearable now and he also uses the illness to embolden himself. And this angry girl can talk atrocities about the production. “She is too self-confident,” the entertainment specialist began by saying.

For her part, panelist Marcela Baños highlighted: “Yesterday I heard Santiago del Moro say ‘the house is everything.’ And it is not like that. People are everything. First we must preserve everyone’s health and yesterday there was violence that is not good. There is no stop. Anything goes”.

Finally, Karina Iavícoli also joined in and noted: “Also with that line drop that the channel makes of ‘You don’t understand the game’, which is like a mantra, I would dare to say that the channel would be thinking about getting rid of it.” to Fury, because this already exceeds the limits. Yesterday she disrespected Santiago del Moro. They don’t like the attitude he has.”

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