After cancellation of Lucero, apology from Eduardo Videgaray and Sofía Rivera Torres to Lucerito Mijares is deleted

After cancellation of Lucero, apology from Eduardo Videgaray and Sofía Rivera Torres to Lucerito Mijares is deleted
After cancellation of Lucero, apology from Eduardo Videgaray and Sofía Rivera Torres to Lucerito Mijares is deleted

Lucero reacted to the mockery made by Eduardo Videgaray and Sofía Rivera Torres to Lucero Mijares. Photos: @eduardovidegaray, @luceromexico, Instagram

It was a few days ago when Eduardo Videgaray, Sofia Rivera Torres and José Ramón San CristobalThe Stake”, caused a stir for their comments about Lucerito Mijaressince they played with the idea that the teenager, daughter of bright Star and Manuel Mijares“looks like a man” and has unfeminine attitudes.

It all started when the production of the late night show Does matters! revived an interview where bright Star She commented that her dream was for her second child with Manuel Mijares to look like her. Until that moment she was unaware that she was expecting a girl.

“Surprising statements, but more surprising is how poorly this video has aged. Look, it’s the son, it’s the daughter that Mijares had with Mijares”Videgaray began.

The drivers justified their ‘jokes’. Credit: @QueImportaTV

“Which one is Mijares and which one is his daughter? If it weren’t for the afro, we hardly know. He looks like Mijares, but he sings like Lucero. God takes away and God takes away again. It is not true Lucerito, it is not true,” Sofía Rivera continued.

Then, the production played another interview where Lucerito Mijares revealed that she has been mistaken for a man in some places, due to her somewhat disheveled appearance.

“It’s good that you laugh, they mistake you for a man but you didn’t say which one, with the spider-man, with the werewolf, with Paco Memo,” said Estaca, in a mocking manner.

“He doesn’t look like a man at all,” Eduardo Videgaray reiterated, but his wife continued: “That has its advantages. If there is a line for the women’s bathroom, when there isn’t, You go into the men’s bathroom and no one says anything to you.I would like”.

Eduardo Videgaray ended with a reference to an iconic Mijares song: “Bella, confusingly beautiful.”

Maryfer Centeno analyzes the singer’s body language. Credit: TikTok, maryfercentenom

The drivers’ mocking comments divided opinions on social networks, because although many understood their sense of humor, others explained that launching this type of jokes is irresponsible because they do not know the damage they can cause.

The topic went viral and it was the bright Star who came out in defense of his daughter and wrote this on his X account:

“Beautiful admirable young girl. My @LuceroMijaresOf Poor of the mediocre, poor of those who have no intelligence, woe betide those who have nothing to say but make fun of others. That’s right, they don’t know us, nor do we know them, fortunately. We don’t care about them. The only thing that matters to us is supporting and loving each other. May women live and people who respect others” he wrote when retweeting a video of his daughter.

Without mentioning their names, Lucero called those who criticize his daughter “mediocre.” Photo: X

After the defense of the interpreter of Millions better than you towards their daughter, the hosts offered an apology on their television program, which later ended the account. Image Television in X.

Although the presenters defended their jokes, they explained that this case warranted it.

“We think that Lucerito is a very beautiful person in all aspects of life, but that night we made jokes in very bad taste in some people’s eyes, because in other people’s eyes or ears not. Humor is subjective, it is actually something personal and, by the way, it has become excessively complicated in these times in which we live,” said Eduardo Videgaray with the intention of putting an end to the controversy.

Eduardo Videgaray and José Ramón San Cristóbal defended their sense of humor in the face of Lucero’s cancellation (Photos: RS)

However, bright Star He responded to the video apology with a forceful: “CANCELLED FOREVER”, generating even more controversy in the case, since said message received much more support than what was said by the drivers.

Now, 24 hours after the cancellation of the protagonist of Bonds of love To the radio hosts, the tweet where the video in which Eduardo, Sofía and El Estaca apologize for their mockery was shared, was deleted from the social network.

After the cancellation of Lucero, Imagen TV eliminated the apologies of its hosts (Photo: Clipping)

This happened a few hours after the drivers of Does matters! reacted to Lucero’s post, assuring that “it wasn’t that big of a deal,” minimizing the case.

The elimination of the apology towards Lucerito Mijares has left questions, and some users have even interpreted it as a kind of “challenge” towards the famous women.

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