Santiago del Moro’s outburst when he was asked about the permanence of the dog Arturo in Big Brother

Santiago del Moro’s outburst when he was asked about the permanence of the dog Arturo in Big Brother
Santiago del Moro’s outburst when he was asked about the permanence of the dog Arturo in Big Brother

Santiago del Moro He got tired of the constant criticism he receives for his work as a TV host. Big Brother (Telefe) after several of the violent arguments taking place inside the house went viral. One of the moments that caused the greatest tension in the public was a fight between Furia and Los Bros. which involved Arturo and alerted his rescuers. This generated a tense intersection between the organization and the producers of Telefewho denied the option of returning it.

Under that threshold, the presenter faces his most tense hours. This was evident when a notary of LAM (America) He asked about the puppy. In an attempt not to remain in front of the camera any longer than necessary, Del Moro simply smiled and faced the situation. “I don’t want any more fuss. He is great. Arturo is divine. “It’s the best, and he’s also with the owner of him.”said in reference to Martín Ku, who despite his close bond with the animal, has not yet gone through the official due process for his adoption.

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The presenter commented that the mixed-breed puppy “is with his owner” to avoid answering about the episodes of violence that occurred in Big Brother. (Photo: Capture America)

However, when the chronicler wanted to inquire about his opinion regarding the statements of Arturo’s rescuers, Santiago responded: “I have nothing to say.” Immediately afterwards, he simply got into the car, visibly tired.

“A living being takes a back seat because of the rating”: the claim of the rescuers of the Big Brother dog

The association that rescued the dog Arturo denounced that the production of Big Brother he doesn’t want to return it. Huellitas Perdidas had demanded the restitution of the animal, arguing that, as a result of the violent episodes, the reality show “is not a healthy home for it.”

“We regret to inform you that the production of Big Brother she is not willing to hand over Arturo“, despite our request and making it available,” they denounced in a post hours after demanding the return of the animal.

The association that rescued the dog Arturo will initiate legal action against the production of “Big Brother” (Photo: Instagram /huellitasperdidasok)

“Our intention was to make the request public, with respect and putting into words what is happening and what we want for the dog,” they said about their first claim and, indignantly, they said that they only had one refusal.

“We got a NO! response, arguing that we can see Arturo 24 hours a day. Yes, as they read! Apparently the rating and pure marketing strategies make a living being go into the background”, they revealed.

After highlighting that they did everything they could to solve the problem in the quickest and healthiest way for Arturo, they pointed out that in the face of refusal they have no choice but to take the corresponding legal actions. “We are saddened to have to go through this situation, since as many know, our task is focused on another point: to continue rescuing. But we have no other alternative, since the production of Big Brother eludes our request,” they closed.

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