This is the Guardian Angel’s message for Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius this May 11

A Guardian angel He is a brave protector who is responsible for taking care of us when we need him most. All we must do in those moments when we most need his help is to invoke him through prayer.

Each sign He has a favorite angel. This has the mission of advising us with powerful messages aimed at the central aspects of existence so that we can achieve spiritual abundance. If you are from any of the following constellations, pay special attention to the following words.

This is the message of the guardian angel

Libra: Samael is your Guardian angel and what he wants to tell you today is to forgive that person who failed you in the past. What you need to know is that when you forgive, you are doing yourself good. It doesn’t hurt you to drag that resentment that you carry inside.

Each sign has a favorite angel. Source: canva.

Scorpio: Azrael has a message to give yourself and that is that you do not stop fighting for what you long for so much. The road was complicated, but that doesn’t mean you should give up everything you have been building until now. You have already proven your worth in adversity and you will do so again today.

A guardian angel is a divine being. Source: canva.

Sagittarius: Zadquiel is the angel of your sign and what it wants to tell you is that that adventure that you have been wanting so much will finally happen. Get ready to live one of those experiences that transform you so much. It is time to continue on your path and there are new horizons that require your passion. Trust destiny because it is on your side.

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