the Paisa ‘influencer’ who failed to continue in ‘The House of the Famous’

the Paisa ‘influencer’ who failed to continue in ‘The House of the Famous’
the Paisa ‘influencer’ who failed to continue in ‘The House of the Famous’

cAmilo Pulgarin is the most recent removed from ‘The house of the famous Colombia‘. Once she said goodbye to the format, the 10 semi-finalists were officially known.

The young man, 28 years old, came to ‘reality’ halfway through the cycle with Nanis Ochoawho was expelled in less than 24 hours, Sebastián González, Miguel Bueno and Tania Valencia.

The young man was only in the program for one month, because he did not receive enough support from the public on May 8.

Who is Camilo Pulgarín?

Camilo Pulgarin He has been a recognized figure on social networks for several years, thanks to his character of ‘Maria Jose‘.

It is worth mentioning that, in the life line section in ‘The house of the famous‘, the countryman said that ‘Maria Jose‘ Yes, she exists and she was a great friend of hers from when she was at university.

María José was a friend of mine from university, she was like my best friend. We were at a friend’s house who was doing our makeup and she had Maria José’s wig on a rack.. I told him ‘oh! You let me wear it and I looked just like my friend, because she had cut her hair.“, he said.

There, he also confessed that the personality of Camilo Pulgarin It is very different from that of his character, since in real life he is a shy person.

Years ago, after the video of ‘María José’ went viral, in which she said: “My name is ‘María José’, I like books, I am taciturn, vegetarian, animalist“, the content of ‘Las Cardashians’ was created with a friend of Pulgarín who was based on making humorous videos about everyday events, adding a very marked Paisa accent.

Now, the ‘influencer’ works on his own podcast called ‘Fat with envy‘, in which he has interviewed other famous people such as Cintia Cossio, ‘Dani Duke’ and Aída Victoria Merlano.


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