Camilo Pulgarín destroyed one of his companions in ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’: “He plays at being someone else”

Camilo Pulgarín destroyed one of his companions in ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’: “He plays at being someone else”
Camilo Pulgarín destroyed one of his companions in ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’: “He plays at being someone else”

Camilo Pulgarín revealed details of the personality of one of his colleagues from ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’ – credit courtesy of Canal RCN

The house of the famous Colombia He has lived one of his most intense weeks. By decision of the production, two participants will be eliminated in less than seven days, Camilo Pulgarín having been the first of both. In this way, the top 10 in the competition was closed and the difficulty of maintaining it has increased.

In the same way, tempers among celebrities continue to heat up, since the pressure to have a place among the five finalists makes friendships less and less relevant and individualities began to stand out. In that sense, comments from some against others have not been lacking.

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That was the case of Camilo, who after leaving the studio house revealed the supposed truths behind one of his most difficult rivals to beat: Julián Trujillo. The actor of Nurses has shown himself to be one of the leaders of the Team Galacticwhich has caused him to awaken all kinds of passions among the audience.

Julián Trujillo was the subject of criticism from Camilo Pulgarín, who was his partner in ‘La casa de los famous Colombia’ – credit courtesy Canal RCN

About the artist, the influencer Antioqueño assured that he is one of those he knew the least, but that he had not found coherence between his speech and his actions more than once, so he had begun to think that he was not really what he said.

“Juli is always a serious person, there was distance due to the fact that we are from different teams, but I would love to meet him from the outside. “I don’t know if he has a shell because I don’t know him outside and I think that to know that one would have to know the person from before to know if he changed.”“, he began by saying about the interpreter’s behavior in an interview with Week.

Likewise, he added that “he has said things that have made me doubt, because he has said several times that he did not go there to make friends, so I said juepucha, someone who had a close person like Mafe and to say that he does not have friends in the reality, That left me with a lot to think about, so maybe I’m playing someone else. Anyway, I feel that only those who know him from the outside know that.”.

Although he stated the above, he never doubted the nobility of Mafe Walker, but instead suggested that Julián Trujillo could have taken advantage of his friendship with her to gain an audience. However, she acknowledged that he himself also found it difficult to establish a connection with the medium.

Julián Trujillo and Mafe Walker formed a close friendship in ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’ – credit courtesy Canal RCN

“I don’t know if it was energies, but with Mafe it was very difficult due to the fact that she has her extraterrestrial language, so sometimes communication was very difficult.. I tried, I swear. I love Mafe, but I don’t know much about her because I couldn’t decipher many codes”he added.

Already being out of the program, the aforementioned media asked him about Karen Sevillano and The Safeof whom he said that beyond being tough, the competition has made them that way.

“I feel that the game sometimes takes one to very extremes.” heavy by side and side […] First, there is the thing that one Yes, you become very sensitive at home and you also get upset very easily. The game sometimes brings out the worst in you”, he expressed.

The house of the famous Colombia is a reality show that captures the attention of the public by bringing together several celebrities under one roof. In this program, participants must live in a house completely isolated from the outside, where each of their movements is recorded 24 hours a day.. The dynamic includes a series of tests and challenges that the contestants must overcome, while trying to maintain a harmonious coexistence with others.

However, the true twist of the program lies in the fact that the public plays a crucial role in its development. Viewers have the power to decide who remains in the competition and who is eliminated through voting. This direct interaction ensures a unique connection between the public and the participants, making “The house of the famous Colombia” be a completely unpredictable and exciting show.

Every Sunday there is elimination in ‘The House of the Famous Colombia’ -credit courtesy/ press of Canal RCN

To vote for the person they want to remain in the production, viewers must enter and select your favorite, at least 24 hours before the elimination gala, which is every Sunday.

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