They claim that Kel Calderón left the place – Publimetro Chile

They claim that Kel Calderón left the place – Publimetro Chile
They claim that Kel Calderón left the place – Publimetro Chile

Raquel Argandoña had an unexpected meeting with Renzo Tissinetti, Kel Calderón’s partner, this after the face of TV+ attended an event at the Enjoy Casino.

This fact surprised all his followers on social networks, since the showbiz star has been estranged from his daughter for several years.


It should be remembered that the rift between the two occurred when Nano Calderón attacked his father with a knife and faced charges of frustrated patricide, so the influencer supported his father while his mother supported her son.

The meeting took place when Argandoña was promoting the restaurant that is located in the casino, where he shared a space with his son-in-law:Discover the unique flavors of chef Renzo Tissinetti”, were some of the words to the cook.

Likewise, she took the opportunity to throw a hint through her personal Instagram account, alluding to him inviting her to eat.

“Let’s suppose one thing: if you invited me one day, I imagine, to your house, which of these dishes would you serve me?”he asked him. To which he replied: “Pasta.”

However, Quintrala insisted: “And do you think that one day you will invite me to your house for lunch?”, he consulted. “The thing is to gather hunger and that’s it.” Tissinetti responded.

Where is Kel?

Although that is not all, since Kel Calderón was also in the casino during that same moment, however, he did not want to appear in front of his mother’s eyes.

According to the information published by El Filtrador, the young lawyer She was in the same building, but she would have chosen not to run into her mother.

The influencer stayed at the hotel and did not come down. In fact, The same version claims that she was seen having breakfast with Renzo in the same place just minutes before.

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