“He is convinced that Faloon has something with Luis Mateucci” – Publimetro Chile

“He is convinced that Faloon has something with Luis Mateucci” – Publimetro Chile
“He is convinced that Faloon has something with Luis Mateucci” – Publimetro Chile

Daniela Aránguiz unveiled a unusual call that he received from the soccer player Jean Paul Pineda, which revealed his uncontrollable jealousy with Faloon Larraguibelhis ex-partner, who is currently locked up in the reality show “Win ​​or Serve.”

Let us remember that the relationship between the soccer player and the Sabores host ended amid serious acts of domestic violence. It was in March that the former Latina reported the father of her children for physically attacking her in the middle of a scene of jealousy.


Is Jean Paul Pineda jealous of Mateucci?

In the middle of the TV+ program “Follow Me,” Aránguiz surprised by revealing that the soccer player, affected by jealousy, contacted her to inquire about a possible relationship between his ex-partner, Faloon Larraguibel, and the reality star Luis Mateucci. Thus, the panelist made evident the degree of obsession and distrust that Pineda felt towards her ex-partner.

“He is convinced that Faloon had something with Luis”, confessed Aránguiz, leaving his fellow panelists perplexed. It seems that Pineda’s jealousy is not something new, but has been a constant concern for him, fueled by their participation in the “Ganar o Serir” program.

Aránguiz also revealed that Pineda went so far as to contact Mateucci to try to get answers. “He even told me that he called Luis to find out the truth”announced Jorge Valdivia’s ex-partner.

Given this situation, Aránguiz claimed to have assured Pineda that, according to his sources, Mateucci is interested in another person within the confinement and that there is no indication of a relationship with Larraguibel.

Although Aránguiz assured that he could not put his hands in the fire for his ex-heart, he assured her that he would have a “cool” with Daniela Colett, and his sources have not revealed any relationship with Faloon.

Aránguiz’s revelation reveals the reasons the court had to prevent the player from contacting Larraguibel by any means, whether by phone call, Whatsapp or other social networks.

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