Nelson Pinedo: The icon of tropical music who died in absolute poverty

Nelson Pinedo: The icon of tropical music who died in absolute poverty
Nelson Pinedo: The icon of tropical music who died in absolute poverty

Nelson Pinedo was born in Barranquilla in 1928 and achieved great international success with his voice and talent in the 1950s. However, His last days occurred in the midst of absolute povertyfeeling abandoned by his colleagues and his public.

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‘The admiral of rhythm’, as he was nicknamed for his musical talent, was the first Colombian to join Sonora Matancera, a Cuban group that is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and his appearance also led him to be considered a leading man in Mexican films. Why did he end his life without money?

William Vinasco Ch., director of the radio program An hour with the sound And whoever knew the singer from Barranquilla, points out that the singers of his generation “did not think much about money, that is what I believe, in saving for the future, in having a home, a certain family stability and it was a generalized policy. At that time it was more about the recognition, the applause, the little drink, the late nights and the good life.”.

He was the first Colombian artist to go international and his death was completely absurd, poverty reigned in his days and his audience practically forgot him. It was not easy to see Pinedo die, the distinguished voice of tropical music in our country, a performer of songs like ‘Although it costs me my life’, ‘En el mar’, ‘Qué sera’, ‘Momposina’, ‘Gavilán Pío Pío ‘, and ‘I’m going to’ Havana’.

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Jorge Luis Maldonado, a member of the Sonora Matancera, acknowledges that “I had found out about his situation, a little late, he was already quite advanced in age and in his health situation. “I didn’t have the opportunity to talk to him or communicate with him.”.

The precarious state of Nelson Pinedo in his last days caught the attention of his friends Ricardo and Saúl Campanella, who accompanied him and helped him, but who could not cope with the health problems that already afflicted the singer and ended his life.

“Being an artist of his stature, an artist of large orchestras, of applause, to see himself in the state of poverty to which he arrived, practically of destitution, of abandonment, without applause and without friends“Ricardo Campanella pointed out, it was one of the things that most affected the Colombian singer.

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His voice little by little became dull, the talented and fun man from years ago was no longer seen. “Suddenly Nelson was losing his physical agility, not his mental one, because he always had the original tuning and style. But he wanted to be surrounded by that famous name that he acquired with the Sonora Matancera and reach that moment of feeling alone, abandoned, that the orchestras no longer call you.“, Juan Piña, Colombian singer-songwriter.

The Campanella brothers decided to help him in mid-2016, when they learned of his situation in Caracas, Venezuela. “We began to provide him with assistance with a multidisciplinary medical team in the clinic, We are talking about 17 days that he was hospitalized. He got better and suddenly went into a relapse.”remembers Dr. Ricardo Campanella.

Nelson Pinedo was hospitalized at the La Isabelina clinic and remained there for 17 long days; the doctors did not give good prognoses. While he was at the clinical center located in Valencia, Venezuela, He dedicated himself to singing to the nurses and gladdening the hearts of the patients until bronchopneumonia and kidney failure ended his days..

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