“Looking at the road without you will be painful” — FMDOS

María José Quintanilla (3)

Credits: Instagram @mjqoficial

María José Quintanilla is on a musical tour and also touring Chili to make recordings of the program Mega called On a walk.

However, in the middle of his trip he took advantage of his social networks to be able to download and tell how he feels after his recent loss.

The sad loss that hits María José Quintanilla

Through your official account Instagram, Maria Jose Quintanilla He wanted to talk about the death of a great friend.

“You fought with all your might, you were a warrior. My trips will no longer be the same, looking at the road without you will be painful,” the Chilean singer began writing.

Then, he added: “Thank you for every moment you gave me, thank you for being real, loyal and more than a friend, part of our family.”

“I know that you are better now and I also know that you will never leave my heart, you will stay here and all the beautiful moments we lived will remain. See you always my little guy. “Thank you,” he added. María José Quintanilla.

María José Quintanilla (5)
Credits: Instagram @mjqoficial

María José Quintanilla dedicates words to the mothers of Chile

In the middle of his concert at region of Maule, The artist wanted to pay tribute to her mother and all the mothers of Chile.

“While I was singing I thought about how privileged I am to have my mother, I thought about her smile, about her hands that are always warm. I remembered the many nights he spent taking care of me and obviously, of all the anger I made him go through… the thing is that I came out quite rude. ?”, wrote the singer.

María José Quintanilla He also took the opportunity to express his gratitude on his Instagram: “Thank you mom for teaching me that what you choose in life is done with passion and determination. Also for accompanying me to all the castings, I love you! And to all the mothers who welcome me in different places and hug me with so much love, happy day.”

María José Quintanilla (4)
Credits: Instagram @mjqoficial
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