20 denies having been unfaithful to Ignacia Antonia

20 denies having been unfaithful to Ignacia Antonia
20 denies having been unfaithful to Ignacia Antonia

At the beginning of May, the renowned Chilean influencer Ignacia Antonia confirmed that she was in a relationship with the urban artist Bastián Demonte, better known as AK4:20.

Just days after the announcement of the new romance, a series of rumors began to emerge indicating that the native of Talca had been unfaithful to the influencer with the well-known Mexican singer. Yeri Mua.

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Specifically, some alleged screenshots went viral in which the Mexican accused Ak4:20 of interest in her.

Ak4:20 and Ignacia Antonia (Intagram)

“I have my pants on”

AK4:20 himself came out to deny the rumor and denied having been unfaithful to Ignacia Antonia.

“Life revolves. I learned not to trust anyone, anyone can say what they want, talk and invent anything about a relationship or life. You go see that you believe it“, he started saying in a selfie he shared through his Instagram stories.

In the post, he clarified that “I am a man and I have my pants on well. I would not fail the woman next to me”.

The “I regretted” singer also mentioned that “if someone talked to me before, well, that’s great. There’s nothing wrong with it, but for a month now I’ve been happy. Nothing can ruin it.”

The alleged infidelity was also denied by the other person involved, Yeri Mua, who pointed out that the screenshots that were shared are false.

Yeri Mua (Instagram)

“The alleged captures that are being aired are fake, I am from Mexico and my life is here. I have not lied to myself in any relationship or anything.”“, said.

Later, the influencer complained saying: “I don’t know how eagerly they want to associate me in a negative way with people I don’t know.”

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