Mario Massaccesi spoke about the case of Jey Mammon and Lucas Benvenuto: “The best act of Justice is to repair oneself”

Mario Massaccesi spoke about the case of Jey Mammon and Lucas Benvenuto: “The best act of Justice is to repair oneself”
Mario Massaccesi spoke about the case of Jey Mammon and Lucas Benvenuto: “The best act of Justice is to repair oneself”

Mario Massaccesi spoke about the case of Jey Mammon and Lucas Benvenuto: “The best act of justice is to repair oneself”

In the last hours Juana Viale returned as host to Having lunch with Juana (El Trece), after several weeks embarked on a maritime journey for ecological purposes and on her return she had the presence of Jey Mammon in your cyclelike other guests.

During the program, Jey ended up crossing paths with the journalist Valeria Sampedro for the complaint of Lucas Benvenuto. That, without a doubt, was the strongest moment of the lunch when the artist pointed out that he had gone through difficult times after the complaint on the part of the young man and He once again assured that Justice declared him innocent, which gave rise to his encounter with the brand new driver of Up Argentines. “It is not innocence, Justice did not declare you innocent, what Justice determines is that the cause prescribed. There is a question that exceeds what each person wants to think or believe. The case is not moving forward because the Justice or the judge understands that a lot of time has passed, the crime is old,” the journalist told him.

As a result of this, several figures proclaimed themselves on the matter, including Mario Massaccesi who this Monday gave a note to THE M (América TV) and expressed his vision along with a first-person testimony. “Lucas makes me want to hug him. I believe that today the best act of Justice that one can have is reparation with oneself and I am moved”the current driver of Matter of weight and added: “Repair yourself so as not to depend on anyone.”

The controversial crossing between Jey Mammón and Valeria Sampedro

”The victim speaks when she can because we were taught that this had to be kept silent. There is still no talk of domestic abuse. Imagine that the most frequent abuses and violations are within families and in that we close our mouths with which we are also quite hypocritical, there are many more than one believes and yet, that is still a taboo subject,” the journalist emphasized. .

For his part, Mario reflected on his personal life: “The time for many things that happened to me was not the same time to talk and I left it without telling my mother, for example, and it is an outstanding debt that I feel“, he maintained and concluded: “Everyone is doing it with the tools they have. I chose love for myself, which was the best I could give myself. Although I didn’t know how to do it, I did it as best I could. It is possible to leave from forgiveness and from love.”

A few hours after the program aired Jey Mammon in Having lunch with Juana Viale, the skater spoke from his social networks. There, unlike other moments where he came out to question him harshly, he preferred to tell how he is today, he referred to his “healing” and, without mentioning it, he released stinging phrases.

“Hello good. How are they? Sorry I’m wearing the hood, but it’s very cold in Ushuaia,” she began, from the city she chose to live in recently, where she works giving ice skating classes. “I want to leave you this video that, surely, I will leave it for two or three days and then delete it, but it is simply to be able to communicate with you, with all those people who support me and who always send me their love to tell you that rest assured, I’m very well”, he noted, from Instagram.

Lucas Benvenuto spoke after Jey Mammon’s crossing on TV

“I am at the end of the world, in Ushuaia, where I want to be, with the people I want to be with and embraced more than ever, with a very strong human shield of love. Don’t worry, a while ago I decided not to see any more news, not to update myself on anything,” she said. “I just accomplished, and I want you to know this, one of the first goals I put on the list for my life. “I can’t tell you what it is because it is very personal, but I just accomplished a life goal,” she explained.

“Imagine if after everything I fought for so many years in the courts, a time in the media and my entire life to still be hooked on a story that makes no sense and is incredibly cruel“, he asserted, without mentioning the entertainer, after his name became a trend on platform.

“I am surrounded by beautiful people, surrounded by the most beautiful job in the world that I have and I have already fulfilled a life goal. So my path from now on is to be happy. What happens from now on is going to be the result of life. “When you do things wrong, life gives you back the way you acted,” she said. “You know when to turn off the TV and when not to.”it was dispatched.

“I no longer feel like putting on those boxing gloves and going out to fight for my truth again. “I got tired of fighting, but I didn’t get tired of looking for my happiness,” while she smiled and assured that “this smile is the one I deserve.” “I can’t lose focus, I have to keep smiling while others grab the bleach”, he commented, sharply.

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