Coy, Furia’s sister, revealed why she did not enter Big Brother instead of Rocío

Coy, Furia’s sister, revealed why she did not enter Big Brother instead of Rocío
Coy, Furia’s sister, revealed why she did not enter Big Brother instead of Rocío

Instead, the one who came in yesterday to play with the coach was a friend named Rocío. In any case, Coy expressed himself on social networks and explained the reason why she did not allow him to participate.

“Sorry everyone, sorry I couldn’t speak. Thank you all for making me laugh so much with the speculations. I wanted to let you know that I love you and I’m going to be on this side.”he began writing.

Then she pointed out her obligations as a mother and concluded: “I have a lot to do here and My responsibility is Rubí, Otto and Maya. Thank you new family.”

Coy on his absence from Big Brother

Mauro confessed what he feels for Furia and how the romance will continue outside of Big Brother

The muscular Mauro Dalessio was out of competition Big Brother (Telefe) last Sunday when, despite the visible regret of Rage After his scandalous love fights, the furioneta expelled him from the reality show.

Already in the studio surrounded by the analysts and the cycle driver, Mauro He was encouraged to tell with an open heart how he experienced his stay in the house and, above all, his controversial relationship with Scaglione.

Direct and without turns, when Santiago del Moro He asked him if he is in love with Ragethe former little brother was sincere: “I don’t know if I fell in love, but I really liked it at the time.”and remarked: “He helped me a lot inside the house too”.

Furia kissing Mauro Dalessio – GH2023.jpg

“He is a great person who has his things that greatly cloud everything he is, which I always said, but it was what it was and what happened happened”He added sincerely and clarified about the love story that will continue outside the house: “I want to say publicly that that’s it on my part, I gave my best”.

Likewise, about the final kiss they gave before leaving the house, Dalessio he argued bluntly: It is a way for two mature people to end their relationship well and it is a good closure to something we experienced that was very good at the time.then she had a lot of ups and downs, but both she and I contained ourselves inside, which is something very necessary inside the house”.

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