HBO Max releases controversial Kevin Spacey documentary and two more titles in its final week before becoming Max

HBO Max releases controversial Kevin Spacey documentary and two more titles in its final week before becoming Max
HBO Max releases controversial Kevin Spacey documentary and two more titles in its final week before becoming Max

The streaming platform releases three new titles this week

Image from the documentary ‘Kevin Spacey: Uncovered’

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HBO Max is giving its last blows before become Max next Tuesday, May 21which will also kick off in style with the premiere of Dune: part twowhich is already the most successful film so far in 2024. Meanwhile, the streaming platform entertains us with a adult animation series which returns with its second season, a Spanish comedy ideal to watch with the familystarring Antonio Pagudo, and the controversial documentary about one of the greatest actors in Hollywoodfallen into disgrace a few years ago due to the multiple accusations of sexual harassment and abuse.

This week’s HBO Max news (May 13 to 19)

  • Smiling Friends (Season 2) – Monday, May 13
  • Kevin Spacey: Uncovered – Tuesday, May 14
  • neighborhood heroes – Saturday May 18

Smiling Friends (Season 2)

This series of animation follows the adventures of the cheerful Pim and the cynical Charlie, two friends who work at Smiling Friends INC., a charity dedicated to making others happy. In this second season, in addition to continuing to help people with problems to have a better life, like the President himself, they will face most absurd and surreal situations through his unique and irreverent humor.

Watch on HBO Max

This season consists of eight chapters, with a duration of 10 minutes each. The first four They’re available on HBO Max starting Monday, May 13, releasing a new one every week.

Kevin Spacey: Uncovered

The one who won an Oscar for ‘Best Supporting Actor’ and ‘Best Leading Actor’ for Usual Suspects (1995) and American Beauty (1999), has been in disgrace since 2017. It all started seven years ago, in the context of sexual abuse scandal from producer Harvey Weinstein, when actor Anthony Rapp (Star Trek: Discovery) stated that he had been sexually harassed by Spacey when he was only 14 years old. Although Spacey issued a statement admitting that he did not remember anything, apologizing and confessing his homosexualitythe season had opened, and in the years to come more similar accusations emerged from other young people.

Even though Spacey was acquitted of all charges of sexual abuse and rape of which he had been accused in the United Kingdom and the United States, the shadow of doubt still looms over him. Through exclusive interviews and unpublished testimoniesthis docuseries offers a comprehensive look at what was once one of the most admired and respected actors in the world, from his childhood in New Jersey to his decline, through his beginnings on Broadway and his meteoric rise to stardom. But that’s not all, because they also pour new accusations against the actor.

Watch on HBO Max

The docuseries consists of two chapterswith a duration of approximately 50 minutes each. Is available on HBO Max starting Tuesday, May 14.

neighborhood heroes

Despite her young age, little Paula (Luna Fulgencio) is clear that she wants to be a great soccer player in the future. Her opportunity comes when she is signed from a women’s children’s soccer team in a small town in Seville, which makes her father Luis (Antonio Pagudo) extremely proud, who has also always raised his daughter alone. However, the team is going through a difficult economic time, and Paula comes up with the brilliant idea that His father brings his great friend Joaquín Sánchez, Betis legendto sponsor the club. The problem? Luis made up that story years agoand now he will find himself in quite a mess.

Watch on HBO Max

The film has a duration of 1 hour and 26 minutes. It will be available on HBO Max starting on Saturday May 18.

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