“They say change is always good”

“They say change is always good”
“They say change is always good”

National actress Belén Soto announced that she left Chile to settle in Mexico City.

For some time now, the writer had made an international leap in her career and even, in 2023, she was harshly criticized on social networks after speaking with a Mexican accent during an interview referring to the launch of her book.Power Woman” abroad.

All about Belén Soto

On that occasion he explained that his accent was due to the demands of his work in Mexicocountry to which he moved permanently.

Belén Soto (Instagram)

Belén Soto’s new house in Mexico

It was through her Instagram account that the interpreter showed her new house in Mexico.

“And they say that changes are always good, and today begins a new stage in my life. Welcome to my first home in CDMX”he wrote in the description of the post.

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In the video she shared, you can see Belén in a large space in her home, which is not yet furnished.

According to what can be seen in the records, the property has white walls and a brown floor. “Prepared for everything that is coming,” she expressed in another photograph that she published.

Belén Soto’s new house (Instagram)

In one of the comments, the actress was asked if her pet, Ralph, will move with her to Mexico.

“Thanks for worrying! My baby will come when I have everything assembled to give him the quality of home he deserves. Now he is the happiest with my family, my other dog and his father who love him!” he told his followers.

Security in Mexico

The person who congratulated Belén Soto on her move is the television host Millaray Viera, who was based in Mexico for seven years with her then husband, the vocalist of Los Bunkers, Álvaro López.

“Congratulations! Best city or best city? Can I come see you?”he asked Soto, who responded: “I’ll wait for you, I love you.”

The comment caused questions among the influencer’s followers, who questioned whether the Mexican capital really is a good city to live in, since Millaray and Álvaro López were victims of a kidnapping in 2010, when they lived in Mexico.

“Is it really a good city to live in? I thought you didn’t think that way after the almost kidnapping…” a follower asked, to which Millaray replied: “Wow, that doesn’t define a city, I lived there for 7 years and for me the DF is much more than that. It’s a wonderful city!”.

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