Taylor Swift turns her UK concerts into gold

The fifteen concerts scheduled in Great Britain will have an economic impact of 1,162 million euros. The average expense per attendee is estimated at about a thousand euros.

Would you spend 989 euros to go to a concert? The answer surely admits nuances, but this is the amount that has been calculated that each of the followers of Taylor Swift to see her on her UK tour.

The cThe North American singer has passed the halfway point of her Eras Tour, which is taking her, with some 150 concerts, around the world. If there are no changes, there are 65 dates left, of which two are scheduled in Spain (in the Santiago Bernabeuin Madrid) and fifteen, in the United Kingdom, the country with the most pending appointments with its followers.

Songs studied in universities, the center of a conspiracy theory favorable to Biden and star of the last Super Bowl after his kiss with Travis Kelce… In short, a star that moves masses and mountains of money.

The analysts of Barclays In the field of entertainment they have released the calculator with a special edition of what they call Swiftonomics and they have come to the conclusion that these concerts will move 997 million pounds this summer (1,162 million euros at the exchange rate).

First of all, they expect that all tickets They are sold out (1.2 million attendees in the United Kingdom alone). The singer will perform eight times at Wembley, which has a capacity of 90,000 fans. Outside London, he has three concerts at the Anfield Stadium in Liverpool (54,000 people) and as many at the BT Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh (72,990), to which is added the one in Cardiff, at the Principality Stadium, for 74,500 people.

Taylor Swift made the ‘Forbes’ list of billionaires (in dollars) last October. Her fortune is made up of 500 million in rights and tours, as many for the value of her catalog, as well as 125 million in real estate assets. Women make money, and Taylor Swift is at the top. INSTAGRAM TAYLOR SWIFT

From here, dozens of concepts appear in which leave money to the delight of every follower and greater joy for Taylor Swift and the British economy. Those more than 1,000 euros are equivalent to going out at night twelve times or double the cost of attending a wedding.

VIP tickets

The most important is the entrancewith an average of 240 euros per fan, although there is a large minority (14%) who have paid more than 400 pounds (466 euros) for VIP passes with seats and merchandising exclusive.

After the pass, the most important item is the 141 euros for the accommodation, since an important part travels from outside and takes the opportunity to visit the island. Only among British fans who plan to go to a Taylor Swift concert, a quarter will have to travel to another city and a fifth will cross the English Channel because they cannot find tickets closer, because it is cheaper or because they will take the opportunity to leave vacation.

Another important part is the journey, with 129 euros, as well as the clothing. Barclays has calculated that 18% will buy new clothes especially to attend the concert: 69 euros more than the average expense to see Taylor Swift.

But in addition to the concert, there are dozens of stalls where they sell official products of the 34-year-old star, with sweatshirts for 70 euros, t-shirts for 40 euros, caps for 25 euros and jewelry. Here an average expense of 92 euros is expected. The calculation has also included the cash that restaurants and pubs will bill, with 69 euros per person between hamburgers, pizzas, potatoes and beers. Restaurants, hotels and shops are Ready for it.

Complete experience

“Fans tend to increasingly prefer a complete experience that mark them personally and turn every concert into a potential vacation and every event into an opportunity to spend money on clothes, food and merchandising“explains the director of the Barclays sponsorship group, Tom Corbett. “For someone who is not a Taylor Swift fan, that money may seem like a waste for a concert, but for someone who has a ticket on this tour, every euro spent is a investment that will retain in memory“adds Peter Brooks, director of behavioral science at the same bank.

Regardless of whether or not this phenomenon is comparable to the madness unleashed by Elvis or The Beatles, analysts are clear about the impact of big stars on the economy. Last July, spending on entertainment in the United Kingdom it shot up 15.8% compared to a year ago, coinciding with the pre-sale of the Eras Tour and the premieres of Barbie and Oppenheimer.

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