“An 80-year-old woman cannot have that hair”: Miguel Romano destroyed Susana Giménez

“An 80-year-old woman cannot have that hair”: Miguel Romano destroyed Susana Giménez
“An 80-year-old woman cannot have that hair”: Miguel Romano destroyed Susana Giménez

Miguel Romano criticized Susana Giménez for her look (America)

Over the years, the society of Susana Gimenez and Michael Romano It was characterized by being one of the most historic in the world of entertainment. The stylist had become the diva’s exclusive hairdresser. Whether in her programs, fashion shows or awards, he was always in charge of her looks. However, It has been more than three years since the link was broken. As if that were not enough, the man destroyed the television star again.

An 80-year-old woman can’t be with that long hair.“, Romano shot when referring to Giménez’s look in dialogue with In the afternoon (America TV). Then, the talk continued: “It was 51 years that I cared for her constantly. Since she went to Uruguay I practically don’t see her.” It was then that the driver asked: “Are you no longer Susana’s hairdresser?” “I don’t know, because I’m not going to Uruguay,” she replied.

Miguel Romano targeted Susana Gimenez (Facebook: Miguel Romano)

As if that were not enough, the stylist continued to annihilate the diva’s image and targeted her new hairdresser: “When you reach an age, you have to respect your age and your look. She is a wonderful star, but the hairdresser who takes care of her today… Since she went to Uruguay, Susana no longer came to the hairdresser. Everyone does what they feel inside. Today I found out that she went to eat at the restaurant next to my house.”

Finally, Romano explained where his anger came from: “He is with a hairstylist who worked with me. I feel like an idiot: ‘Hello, Miguel. I’m combing my hair with Mateo’. He doesn’t care. “I don’t want to be Miguel Romano anymore, I already am.”

In mid-2023, Romano revealed where his anger with the diva came from. “I found out, through another mouth, that she had taken one of my assistants to Punta del Este. I would have liked her to tell me, there was no problem. After fifty years of being her hairdresser, of being by her side, I would have liked her to tell me. She hurt me because I love her very much, she is like a sister to me. Through thick and thin we were always together,” the hairdresser commented about Susana in 2021 in a talk with LAM (America).

Adding to this anger was the distance from the television figure, since he decided to live in Uruguay. In this regard, Romano had commented on a mobile phone with Show Partners (The thirteen): “I can’t leave my hair salon and go to Punta del Este to dedicate myself to it. Today, the hairstyles that were used before, like Ivana Trump, updo, are not used; there I was. But now, you wash his head with a shampoo Well, a good shine and that’s it.” In those words she also made a reference to the work of Osvi, who was her assistant and then became in charge of styling the diva’s hair.

The beginning of their relationship had also been conflictive. It all started when the driver, who had not yet earned the nickname diva, knocked on the door of her hairdresser 50 years ago, however, he refused to serve her. “She came to my hair salon one day and she told me: ‘Miguel, I want you to do my hair.’ “I don’t do models, I do stars, I told him,” Romano began recalling on a cell phone with Socios del Espectáculo (El Trece).

Then, the hairdresser continued with the anecdote: “So I called Oscar to do her hair. ‘How are you not going to do my hair? Look, I’m going to tell you, you are going to be exclusively mine, remember,’ said Susana. Exactly, she knew where she was going to go.” Since then, the diva and the stylist formed one of the strongest relationships in the show.

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