Christian Thorsen talks about his abrupt departure from ‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’ and his possible return

Christian Thorsen talks about his abrupt departure from ‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’ and his possible return
Christian Thorsen talks about his abrupt departure from ‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’ and his possible return

Christian Thorsen talks about his unexpected departure from ‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’.

The actor Christian Thorsen He gave an interview where he referred to his possible return to ‘At the bottom there is room’, series where he played Raul del Prado. The actor described his departure from the production as “sad and uncomfortable” due to the lack of gratitude for his extensive participation in the space.

Christian Thorsen He explained to Perú21 that his departure from the series was not handled appropriately, which left a negative perception between both parties. Even so, the interpreter confessed that he leaves the door open for a possible return if certain specific conditions are met, that he will not hesitate to plan for the producers if they propose to return.

The last time Christian Thorsen appeared in ‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’ | America TV

The actor fondly remembered his time in ‘At the bottom there is room’, highlighting that he enjoyed working on the series and that he still watches some previous episodes, due to how much he likes the work they did. Despite his positive feelings towards the program, she stated that one should not be where they do not want one to be.

“I think I would put a lot of conditions and I’m not sure they will accept them… “Yes (I would like to return), I had a very good time there, I enjoyed it a lot, I had a great time. Sometimes I watch the previous chapters because I enjoy them, I think we have done very nice things. I always had a good time, it was always very nice to be there, but you shouldn’t be where they don’t want you to be,” he told the media.

Christian Thorsen reveals that he sued the producer of ‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’ for dismissing Efraín Aguilar | Captures America TV / Infobae Peru

Efrain Aguilar and Christian Thorsen They are involved in a controversy over the latter’s departure from the Peruvian series. In dialogue with Tromethe producer stated that although he had a good relationship with the actor, the way in which he was informed of his departure was not appropriate.

Aguilar He stressed that his job as a producer was to follow the guidelines of the scriptwriters, who decided that Thorsen’s character had come to an end. “No one threw you out, your character ended,” said Aguilar, emphasizing that the character’s termination was not a personal decision.

Efraín Aguilar reveals the true reason for Christian Thorsen’s departure from ‘AFHS’. | Broadcasting/America TV

In response, Thorsen He denied claiming that he was fired, but regretted the way his departure was communicated to him. He explained that he was notified by phone, and he would have preferred more personal treatment.

“If they had shaken my hand, looked me in the eyes and said thank you very much for your job, I wouldn’t have done anything,” Christian Thorsen told Trome.

Christian Thorsen He recalled that he contributed to the series for seven years. “We know well that the character reaches a point where the scriptwriter doesn’t want you to be there anymore, but they should have said thank you for your job,” said the actor.

The actor returns to theater performance in the play The Little Prince, the musicalsharing the stage with Aldo Miyashiro, Sandra Muente, Arianna Fernandez and Sebastian Ramos. After a long period away from the stage due to the cancer he suffers from, the actor expressed his excitement for this opportunity.

Christian Thorsen He expressed his joy at being summoned for this work. “I am very happy that they have called me, as soon as I found out what this work was I was very happy,” he declared. This return marks his reappearance in the theater after six years without activity on stage, a period marked by his illness.

The actor stressed the personal meaning of returning with such an emblematic work as The little Prince. He noted that the decision to participate was immediate due to his love of history. “After a long time I’m standing in a theater again, I thought I wasn’t going to do it anymore, it’s been a long time since I stepped on the stage,” he commented. Thorsen.

Christian Thorsen told his testimony after fighting cancer. (Capture)

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