María Pedraza explodes against criticism for her physical change: “You are real cowards”

María Pedraza explodes against criticism for her physical change: “You are real cowards”
María Pedraza explodes against criticism for her physical change: “You are real cowards”

Maria Pedraza He knows very well what it means to shine on the small and big screen. His name appears linked to different television hits such as ‘La casa de papel’, ‘Elite’ and ‘Toy Boy’, among others. However, she is now in the news for a completely different topic, for the social networks.

The young actress is very active on her social networks, where she usually publishes different images referring to her life, her daily life. Among them the last one stands out, in which appears mounted on his horse, Ferdinanwith whom he also poses in other photographs in the same publication.

A post that has received more than 60,000 likes, and more than 200 comments, among which Many criticisms of the young woman stood out for her apparent physical change.commenting that she was thinner.

A series of comments that bothered María Pedraza, who did not hesitate to respond to all these criticisms through a message she published in her stories on Instagram, first pointing out that she never usually comes across these types of comments: “I never usually make this, but I have been forced to speak out in the face of such disrespect”.

To those of you who are behind those screens, and take refuge behind a social network, you are true cowards, empty people, with a lot to heal in your heads.. Before judging a person’s physical condition, Ask yourself if you would like to be judged for it, for being too thin, too fat, etc. Live and let live“, the young woman continued saying.

“No one should judge anyone for this.”

And Pedraza insists that no one knows his personal situation: “You do not know the emotional or physical state of these people, you do not know if they are in a good or a bad moment., you don’t know if it’s genetics, you don’t know if it’s your metabolism. Therefore, before judging anyone, look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are fit to judge anyone. Obviously, the answer is that no one should judge anyone for this”.

We have to be a little kinder to ourselves and to the world. And stop generating so much hate for a social network“, concluded the young actress.

María Pedraza’s story on her Instagram profile.

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