Fat Fabiola spied on Polilla with escorts

Fat Fabiola spied on Polilla with escorts
Fat Fabiola spied on Polilla with escorts

Fat Fabiola and Polilla spied on Polilla, her husband to whom she has been married for more than 20 years, with escorts and they caught him.

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The couple of comedians «they were born for each other» a love that was born on Happy Saturdays and is admired by Colombians. La Gorda shared that despite two decades of marriage, not everything has been laughter. It was in the space of her friends from “Los de la Culpa” that Fabiola Posada recalled that when she was a councilor of Bogotá, a position she held from 2002 to 2005, she used the bodyguards to find out what her beloved Polilla was doing while she was busy.

This couple has been through a lot if we remember that even he was sick and so was she. Going back to the history of comedians, «Those of Guilt» They got the story out of him that Moth was being unfaithful to him. A movie script like the ones they have done on the big screen. Iván Marín told him that “the four of us always go out, but I never plan to let Leidy (his wife) go out alone with you, because you are a bad influence.” Continuing that “she has psychopathic tendencies (laughs). In fact, you once had Moth”.

La Gorda confesses

«I’m embarrassed with you, but I’m going to tell you.. One makes mistakes in life and I became a councilor in Bogotá. Whoever voted for me, he lost the vote (laughs). Being a councilor, they give you vans, bodyguards, a driver, a police car, everything. Fabiola said to the surprise of the attendees who did not believe what they were going to hear. «Moth told me that she had a show with La Luciérnaga, he was leaving and I don’t know why men don’t know how to lie. I said: ‘but it doesn’t fit me’. The worst thing is that clothes were bought for that presentation. When I see him leaving, I ask him: ‘Oh, but are you going to be new?’ He told me that It was supposedly at the Dann Carlton on 94 And I just said, ‘Well, good luck.'”

When a woman has doubts, things are one of fear and certainty, there is no loss. That’s why La Gorda told an escort to wear flies. «He took to the Parque de la 93. She got off at McDonald’s. An old woman with short hair arrived, he told me. I asked the escort to describe it more to me. She was like that with the face of an Indian, a complete Indian. Not even me, who was 147 kilos at the time, does that son of a bitch put his foot down. He was a gurrre. When everything was over, the bodyguard told me that the old woman left and I greeted him: ‘Hello, Poli, how was the show? He responded in monosyllables.«. Totally caught. She came out from the audience to applause and told him that “I have my version. I was with her because he was reported to Datacrédito for a cell phone that the two of us bought. They report one for up to 1,200 pesos. So this story remained in La Gorda’s memory and the Indian woman has never forgotten it. And the Guilt Show took her out of the stadium. Watch the video to learn the details.

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