An unknown recording of Celia Cruz in Miami comes to light


A rare and until recently unknown recording of Celia Cruz in a Miami club will come to light on May 24, according to press reports.

The recording, of a live concert by the so-called “Guarachera de Cuba”, will be released in a limited edition in digital and vinyl format, the magazine reported. Billboard.

The album, titled Live: 100 years of Sugaris composed of nine songs and will include as its main song “Quimbara”, one of Celia Cruz’s emblematic pieces, review EFEwhich points out that the publication of this recording is the result of chance.

The history of the album

South Florida radio host Albertico Rodríguez found audio material in 2023 in a closet in his home while cleaning. The recording discovered corresponded to a show that Celia Cruz offered at the now defunct Casanova Club in 1986 or 1987.

Rodríguez, who was master of ceremonies in many shows in which the legendary “queen of salsa” performed, had recorded this performance, saved it and forgotten about it, reports the Spanish media.

More than two decades after the death of the popular artist, the announcer had “an unexpected treasure in his hands: an unknown recording by Celia Cruz, an extremely rare commodity in 2024,” he points out. Billboard in an article signed by Leila Cobo and cited by EFE.

The granting, the agency reports, went into the hands of Omer Pardillo, who was Celia Cruz’s representative and today directs a foundation that bears her name, and Nelson Albareda, executive director of Loud and Liver.

“I didn’t cry, but I was clearly emotional,” Albareda says in the article. Billboard.

Albareda, who worked with Cruz as an assistant in his youth, recounted his excitement upon listening to the audio of the legendary singer’s performance: “Not only was the quality of the recording excellent, but it also had hits like ‘Quimbara’.”

In this way, work began to restore and remaster the audio for the album. The process, which lasted almost a year, gave birth to the artist’s second live recording released since her death.

Interaction with the public

Beyond its rarity, 100 Years of Sugar is unique because it features Celia Cruz performing in a relatively small venue—for about 1,000 people, she notes. EFE— and captures her interacting with her followers up close and personal.

The release also includes a limited edition collector’s box with a coffee table book and exclusive photographs of the singer, famous around the world for her cry of “Sugar!”.

Celia Cruz, a Cuban biography

According to the report, this recording initiative will mark the beginning of the celebration of the centenary of Celia Cruz’s birth, which will continue until 2025 and includes, among other actions, the launch of a 25-cent coin with the artist’s face. Cuban.

Born in 1925 in Havana and died in the US in 2003, La “Guarachera de Cuba” had a long and successful career on stage. Both with Sonora Matancera and with the Fania Stars, and as a soloist, she achieved great popularity thanks to her talent, her voice and her overflowing Cubanness.

Throughout his career he received countless awards, including multiple platinum and gold records, three Grammy Awards, four Latin Grammy Awards, the Presidential Medal of the Arts and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

(With information from EFE)

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