The first wedding anniversary of Raúl Prieto and Joaquín Torres: 365 days marked by the architect’s existential crisis

The first wedding anniversary of Raúl Prieto and Joaquín Torres: 365 days marked by the architect’s existential crisis
The first wedding anniversary of Raúl Prieto and Joaquín Torres: 365 days marked by the architect’s existential crisis

Joaquín Torres and his partner, Raúl Prieto, on their wedding day. (Europa Press)

The life of Joaquin Torres has taken a turn in recent months. In addition to having to deal with the death of his mother, Joaquina Verez Vivanco, the famous architect has been dealing with his delicate state of health after suffering a motorcycle accident which has left him with various injuries on his body and has forced him to undergo surgery several times. But, as if that were not enough, the death of his mother sparked a family confrontation.

The tense situation that the talk show host was going through led to a crisis marriage with her husband, Raúl Prietobecause he unloaded on him “the pain, anger and frustration” he felt, as he explained to Week in the edition of this Wednesday, May 15. “It was not a crisis, it was a manifestation of love,” he told the aforementioned publication.

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Fortunately, the couple knew how to face this complicated bump in their relationship and, now, they are focused on their plans for change to another residence broader and meets your needs. “Raúl is the love of my life. He is the person I want to live and die with. He is above everything. He is the human being who has loved me the most and he loves me,” he told the heart magazine. Their reconciliation comes at the most appropriate time, because this Sunday, May 19, they celebrate their first year as married.

Joaquín Torres and Raúl Prieto, in an archive image. (José Ruiz/Europa Press)

May 19, 2023 is a date that will forever be marked on the architect’s calendar, because that day he managed to make one of his great dreams come true. After seven years of relationship, Joaquín Torres and Raúl Prieto linked their lives in marriage in a ceremony held at the Casa de Pilatos in Seville.

Few details are known about that love story that was forged behind the cameras of Mediasetbut both met in 2012 thanks to Save mea program in which Raúl Prieto was one of the directors and to which Torres went to be part of a section with Cristina Tárrega.

Months after their first meeting, it came to light that the talk show host and the television presenter had started a relationship. discreet and controversial love story. At that time, Joaquín Torres had just ended his eight-year marriage to Mercedes Rodríguez Parrizas, with whom he has two children, Manuel and Álvaro. However, he could not give up her happiness, and they both opted for their relationship in the face of different controversies.

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It has not been easy for Torres to talk about his sexual orientation publicly, since since he was little he has suffered a true hell when it comes to not being able to feel himself within his family. “I was born in a homophobic family. My father and mother were raised on that,” she confessed to Readings. Such was the family situation he was going through that his father even wanted to take him to a psychiatrist to “cure” his homosexuality.

Joaquín Torres and Raúl Prieto say ‘I do’ in Seville. (Europa Press)

The fact of not being able to admit what his heart told him led him to go through the altar with Mercedes, with whom he currently has a good relationship. “The first girlfriend I had when I was 17, I was dating her for seven years. With a wedding date set, she left me for another boy who knew how to love her better than me. Seven years later, when things were going well for me, she called me and three months later we got married because in those seven years I I tried to accept my homosexuality and I wasn’t able to,” Joaquín admitted in the program In love with Madrid.

When Torres was finally able to accept his sexual orientation, his true path to happiness began. And on that journey Raúl Prieto came into his life. “After years of fear, remorse, guilt, shame… and two children that I had to protect above all, after talking with them and giving them their approval, I decided to keep the promise I made one day to Raúl: I would shout to the world that he is the love of my life. And I will do that next spring in a ceremony before mine, before ours,” said the architect on his social networks, announcing his wedding to the four winds.

It’s been a year since they both said “I do”, but your love continues to grow day by day. So much so that together they overcome all the adversities that arise in their lives. There is no doubt that, for this special day, both Raúl and Joaquín will put their worries aside to enjoy their first anniversary as a married couple.

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