Learn the secrets hidden in the terrifying portrait of King Charles III

This week the King Charles and artist Jonathan Yeo di presented the new portrait of the monarch, which has several hidden messages that the public has overlooked. Here we are going to talk to you more about it.

The new portrait of King Charles provokes all kinds of speculation

He New portrait of King Charles was unveiled this week and has divided public opinion over his appearance. Since for some it is terrifying and extravagant and others believe that it is a true piece of art full of symbolism.

New portrait of King Charles. Photo: Archive

Who created the controversial painting of King Charles?

He portrait of the king was created by prominent contemporary artist Jonathan Yeowas officially unveiled on Tuesday and marked a drastic change from other official portraits that have been made for the royal family. The stunning work of art was commissioned in 2020 to celebrate the then Prince of Wales’s 50 years as a member of The Drapers’ Company, so Charles had several years to make changes before displaying it to the public.

Before the inauguration, Yeo joked with the BBC about the controversy his painting has caused. “If this were seen as a betrayal, I could literally pay for it with my head, which would be an appropriate way for a portrait painter to die: having his head taken off!” he said.

Controversial painting of King Charles III. Photo: AFP

These are the secrets hidden in the portrait of King Charles III

Fortunately, it had the seal of approval of the king, and it is said that Queen Camilla looked at the painting and said to Yeo: “Yes, you have it”. However, there are several details hidden inside that people may have overlooked.

  • The meaning of its large size

It is difficult to distinguish it in photographs due to the angle taken, but this painting is really very large. Painted in oils (with lots of red paint), the painting of the monarch measures 8 ½ feet by 6 ½ feet. The size of the canvas is said to have been considered appropriate to the architecture of Drapers’ Hall and the “context of the paintings that will eventually hang alongside it.”

  • It is not the portrait of a king

Believe it or not, this is not a portrait of a king. To explain, it is the image of the patron of The Most Worshipful Company of Drapers, a guild of medieval origin. It was commissioned to commemorate Carlos’s association with the guild for over 50 years.

In the painting, the monarch wears the red coat of the Welsh Guards, the regiment for which he was appointed regimental colonel in 1975. As a result, there are no royal insignia because it is not the image of a king.

  • The painting represents the legacy of Carlos

This painting is the first official portrait of the king since his coronation last year and shows how the monarch wishes to create his own visual legacy. In 1980, scholar Stephen Greenblatt said that “self-formation” in portraiture means that someone’s identity is constructed from carefully selected details. In other words, when you look at the portrait you don’t see the real image of a person: you see the ideal projection of a carefully selected identity of that person.

New portrait of King Charles III
New portrait of King Charles III. Photo: AFP
  • It’s painfully traditional, like Queen Elizabeth’s

The portrait follows the ancient tradition of showing male monarchs in uniform. Charles is seen in the striking red coat of the Welsh Guards, leaning on the hilt of a ceremonial sword held in front of him, as they have done generations before. In another part of the room where this will hang is a portrait of the late Queen Elizabeth. In it, she is depicted in her official portrait uniform, the ubiquitous long white dress, accompanied by a blue sash and the striking velvet cape of the Order of the Garter.

  • The meaning of the butterfly on Carlos’s shoulder

While her uniform may be traditional, her little friend in the painting is less so. A small butterfly flutters on her right shoulder. It was something that the king planned to give rise to talking about the topic. Since, in some corners of the world, The butterfly is the symbol of spirituality and new beginnings; The painting possibly shows that he wants to be remembered as a monarch who protects beyond the scandals known to him.

As you can see, this work of art has several mysteries, but each of the details of the painting have been carefully selected so that the king could express himself and make himself known through it. However, this has not prevented some from feeling terror when seeing it and others from admiration. What do you think about the new portrait of Charles III?

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