‘El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico’ will return to the Grand National Theater: date and ticket price

‘El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico’ will return to the Grand National Theater: date and ticket price
‘El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico’ will return to the Grand National Theater: date and ticket price

The Great Combo will return to the Grand National Theater.

After their successful concerts given in 2023 at the Grand National Theater with a resounding sold out, it comes back The Great Combo of Puerto Rico to this great stage to offer a new show. Tickets are now available through Teleticket with a 20% discount.

In a recent interview, they pointed out that remaining current in the market since 1962 is because they do not lose their style compared to other musical proposals. “We are the Great Combo. People know our style and I think people always come to us because we don’t lose our shine at the head of Raphael Ithier (director and founder)”, he pointed out Jerry Rivas.

Today the popular ‘Salsa University’ has Anthony Garcia and Joselito Hernandez, who have become the new proposal of the group. Both agree that by joining the group their mission is to continue a legacy. “People look for excellence and quality in a very beloved genre. We carry a large backpack because here the formula is to provide a repertoire full of history. And we hope to live up to what people ask for,” they say.

The group’s long-awaited show is on Saturday, August 17 at the Grand National Theatre, located at Av. Javier Prado Este 2225, San Borja 15021.

The cost of tickets varies depending on the area, from 128 soles to 588.

Preferential Seat


Lower Plate


Lower stalls wheelchair only


High stall


High stalls only wheelchair


Side Plate


Silver Box


The Great Combo of Puerto Rico will sing at the Grand National Theater. (Instagram)

Floor 2


Floor 2 wheelchair only


Floor 2 Side


Floor 2 Lateral wheelchair only


2nd Floor Box


Floor 3


Floor 3 Side


Floor 3 Box 1


Areas for the El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico concert

Floor 3 Box 2


Floor 4


Floor 4 Cultural Side


These prices are discounted. If you come with private transportation (car, motorcycle, scooter or bicycle), the parking lot is located on Calle del Comercio S/N Puerta 6, Ministerio de Cultura.

General and discounted prices for the El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico concert.

The recommended audience is for adults. However, they can enter from 14 years of age, accompanied by a responsible adult, each with their own ticket. Children under 14 will not be able to access the event.

Raphael Ithierdirector and founder of The Great Combo of Puerto Rico, was recognized with an honorary doctorate in General Studies from the University of Puerto Rico. At 97 years old, the artist affirms that he is in the best moment of his career. In good health and eager to continue at the top of the canyon with his famous orchestra, with which he has toured the entire planet.

“Grateful for this recognition. The Great Combo of Puerto Rico is a registered trademark that does not need to invent a formula because our repertoire is known and admired with great humility by everyone and we continue down that path for future generations,” says the artist, who also celebrates one million subscribers. which the famous group has just achieved on its official Facebook account. A great achievement in times of social networks, demonstrating that as a group they also evolve according to technology.

The Great Combo of Puerto Rico returns to our country and has proposed to fill the Grand National Theater in an unforgettable show, next Saturday, August 17. Tickets are on sale at Teleticket with a 20% discount.

El Gran Combo returns to Peru to perform at the Gran Teatro Nacional.

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