They reveal information that compromises Furia de GH: “Threat to production”

They reveal information that compromises Furia de GH: “Threat to production”
They reveal information that compromises Furia de GH: “Threat to production”

Juliana “Furia” Scaglione became one of the protagonists of this edition of Big Brother (Telefe). Due to her personality and her way of bonding with the rest of the participants inside the house, the stuntwoman garnered many fans, although also several haters who question her screams and violent attitudes. In this context, in the last few hours information emerged that generated a lot of repercussions in the environment: apparently, the personal trainer had threatened the production of the program.

It was the journalist Ángel de Brito who revealed the strong internal relationship between the participant and part of the program’s production. “I received information from Telefe, something that was not known until now. Obviously, they are going to deny it; but they tell me that the production of Big Brother is having certain problems with Fury. He is a beautiful character: he is driving the participants, the panelists and the producers crazy,” started the host of LAM (America).

Without mincing words and with very specific data, even down to names and surnames, the journalist continued: “They are inconveniences that, of course, are not seen on the air, but rather take place in the confessional. Fury not only complains, but threatens production. Particularly to two well-known producers in the medium: Graziano and Juan Manuel Méndez. When they see these situations of overflow, they call her to the confessional to take her down and calm down, but what does she say? “That as soon as they leave her out, she’s going to tell everything,” De Brito reinforced about the possibility that Juliana will be eliminated from the reality show and reveal the internal ones that occurred when the camera was not recording.

“They are very worried. Not only because of what he can say, but if he lies. If she comes out tomorrow and says something, people will believe Fury. He is a little problem,” concluded Ángel, confirming the internal scandal that the production of the reality show is suffering with one of its best players.

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For now, this Sunday, Furia will not go to the plate and his stay on the reality show will be extended for another week. Meanwhile, Juliana campaigns for Emmanuel, with whom she once had a bond of friendship, to leave.

A few days ago, the former friends crossed paths in a violent fight. The conflict broke out because the participant got angry when Santiago Del Moro confirmed that the public vote was positive. After hearing the news, the athlete moved from the living room to the bedroom shouting: “Give the prize to Emmanuel and let him put it in his chest…”.

“This guy can no longer be here at this stage of the game. People know it. I supported him because he victimized himself as a ‘Son of P…’. “He is the most treacherous and liar,” Juliana said in the presence of Florencia and Virginia.

Upon learning of Juliana’s statements, Emmanuel decided to confront her: he entered the room and went directly to Furia, to whom he told everything. “I’m not some ‘Son of P…’. My mom is no Pu… so you respect her,” the hairdresser began by saying.

“Now do you respect your old woman, you hate her?” the stunt double retorted to Emmanuel and then clarified that she is going to eliminate him when the plate is negative. Furthermore, along the same lines, she accused her little brother of having had seven beers at home. “They have to punish you, drunk,” he said. “I’m sure you’re still in here because I caught you… someone from here, casting sheet,” he emphasized.

“You are a liar and people hate you. “You were left alone,” added Fury. Emmanuel, meanwhile, left the room with his friend, Noelia.

Despite Juliana’s screams and insults, the man from Córdoba assured that he does not resent her. “I love her a lot, I don’t want her to say those things to me anymore,” she expressed with some anguish and stated that the rest of the contestants do not dare to confront her.

“Everyone is afraid of him,” he closed while Noelia consoled him and told him that he does not deserve to be insulted. He also recommended that she ignore Juliana and not fight with her anymore, although her stunt double was outraged by her and, whenever she can, she asks her fandom to remove Emma from the game. (Infobae)

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