Karla Sofía Gascón, the Spanish actress that ‘Emilia Pérez’ has turned into the big star of Cannes 2024

“It is not fair to disappear without having lived my own life,” says Manitas de la Mora, the leader of a dangerous and buoyant Mexican cartel in Emilia Perez, the musical film Jacques Audiard which, for now, has gotten better reviews (and also made enemies) at the Cannes Festival.

Handyman wants to transform, he wants to be a woman, he asks a brilliant lawyer (played by) for help. Zoe Saldaña, possibly in his best interpretation so far, and in Spanish), to find him a doctor and sort out his papers. Manitas returns transformed and self-baptized Emilia Pérez. He settles in Mexico City, reunites with his family and begins a path of redemption.

In the skin of this complex, extreme character, there is Karla Sofía Gascón. Actress born in Spain, but who has found fame in Mexico in recent years, a country where she made her transition at the age of 46. That transition that has now been able to be shown on the big screen with an international project that, after her time at Cannes, launches her into the forefront of cinematography, art and activism.

“We live in a world where “The majority of the population prefers their children to be criminals rather than faggots,” he wrote to Jacques Audiard a few days before the Festival, as published by the French media. “Trans people are now the scapegoats. Before they were people of color, women, homosexuals […]. I managed to overcome the obstacles that many put in my path. “I may be a bad example for some, but no one can tell me that I am not an example of improvement.”

“I want to love myself” she sings Selena Gomez in the film, a song to female freedom, to the power of women being free to choose and be. A message that resonates well with this new actress whom Audiard found after a long casting around the world. He stayed with her “because of her vulnerability,” explained the director of A prophet.

Certainly, Gascón came from a vulnerable place, he was in a vulnerable place. Born Carlos Gascón in Spain, launched into acting in the 80s and perhaps his best-known role was in the series The supermarket (1996-1999). A decade later he moved to Mexico, where he began to achieve roles in soap operas and rose to fame with his participation in We the noble (2013), one of the highest-grossing films in the country. Precisely, after that moment of professional stability she decided to take the leap and “do what she had always dreamed of since she was a child.”

The transition outside was not easy. They publicly persecuted her, She did not hide, she wrote an autobiography and continued working on television, even reaching win the popular show MasterChef in its Mexican edition, But Karla Sofía has said these days that Audiard’s call was a hope.

“I even told those who insulted me on social media to come see me at the theater. I wanted them to talk to my face, let them kill me if they wanted to. “Nobody showed up,” he declared in Télérama.

Now, the character of Emilia Pérez (and that of Manitas, because she plays both) He has saved her, he has made her shine in Cannes. Nonetheless. “Probably the hardest part was leaving the role. It took me a long time to exorcise it,” she has said. But she was worth it. His name was the most repeated these days. And no one doubts that here, let’s use the cliché, a new star has been born.

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