Who is Maripily Rivera, the winner of La Casa de los Famosos 4

Who is Maripily Rivera, the winner of La Casa de los Famosos 4
Who is Maripily Rivera, the winner of La Casa de los Famosos 4

Puerto Rico celebrated the triumph in a big way in the famous ‘Hurricane Boricua’ reality show. (Facebook Maripily)

This Monday, May 20, the famous reality show of The House of the Famous issued by Telemundo. The final stretch was made up of three participants, Maripily, Lupillo Rivera and Romeh, with the Puerto Rican model taking first place.

Besides, Maripily Rivera He took home a briefcase containing 200 thousand dollars. In second place was the Mexican athlete Romeh, who won 100 thousand dollars. While the singer of regional Mexican music, Lupillo Riveraas third place won 50 thousand dollars.

After making the official announcement of her victory, the actress was in charge of turning off the lights at The House of the Famous before leaving to meet her friends and loved ones.

Maria del Pilar Rivera Borrero Better known as Maripily Rivera, she is a Puerto Rican model, businesswoman and also a television presenter. Likewise, the famous woman had a brief period as a reporter when pursuing the journalism career that she studied, later as a model when participating in the Miss Puerto Rico pageant in 1995 and Miss Puerto Rico Petite in 1999.

The model took home $200,000 when she was crowned the winner of the reality show. (Instagram photo)

He gained popularity in the 2000s through his participation in various television programs and reality shows. Throughout her career, she has worked as presenter and has been the subject of media attention for his personal and professional life. In addition to his career in entertainment, Rivera has ventured into business worldlaunching clothing lines and beauty products.

Maripily was the protagonist of “Famosas VIP” through the Telefutura network, she was co-host of “Que Suerte” and “No te duermas” with Héctor Marcano on WAPA-TV in Puerto Rico and with Antonio Sánchez, “El Gangster”, on Telemundo from Puerto Rico. She also participated in the 2009 film Lie.

Among the competitions and reality shows he has been a part of, he stands out, Top Chef Stars, Warriors 2020 and 2021and finally LCDF.

Regarding her personal life, Rivera has faced accusations of domestic violence in two of her romantic relationships. First, she was married to Roberto Alomar from 2009 to 2011. She divorced him since she accused him of abuse.

Maripily is a model, businesswoman and television presenter from Puerto Rico. (Facebook Maripily)

After her divorce with Alomar, she got engaged to the businessman in December 2013. Alberto Rodriguezwhom she planned to marry in May 2014. However, this wedding was canceled due to another accusation of domestic violence.

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