Ana Gabriel, Mexican singer, in delicate health

Ana Gabriel, Mexican singer, in delicate health
Ana Gabriel, Mexican singer, in delicate health

The followers of the renowned Mexican singer Ana Gabriel are in suspense due to her state of health, since For several days the artist has been experiencing problems that have not allowed him to continue his tour of Latin American countries.

It all started last Tuesday, May 14, when after performing in Santiago de Chile, He had to go to the emergency room, where he was informed that he had tested positive for influenza. and had to take complete rest.

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The artist was going to perform again on May 15 in Santiago, but had to postpone the concert for this Monday the 20th. However, A few hours ago the 68-year-old singer reported again that she had to cancel the presentation againthis time for June 7, while the concert that was scheduled in Paraguay was for June 11.

Will Ana Gabriel cancel more concerts?

As reported by Ana Gabriel through her social networks, the influenza progressed and turned into pneumonia, for which she must undergo medical treatment for her recovery. The singer confirmed the change of date for the concerts in Chile and Paraguay, but he assured that, if he receives medical authorization, his concert in Brazil, scheduled for Saturday, May 25, remains on.

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