The tremendous discomfort of Zoe Bogach from Big Brother when she found out live that her mother and her boyfriend get along badly: what happened

Zoe Bogach lived a moment of extreme discomfort in The Big Brother Debate upon finding out live that his mother, Aixa Abastoand her boyfriend, Manuel Ibero, They get along badly.

When the young woman entered the reality show, the bond between them was harmonious. However, while Zoe was in complete isolation, Aixa and Manuel sparked off each other and Bogach was hit with a bucket of cold water.

The person in charge of putting the topic on the table was Gaston Trezeguet. “Manu had his run-ins with Aixa, you will find out little by little, because things were not so calm. How do you manage your relationship with your boyfriend and with Aixa at the same time?” the panelist asked.

Completely confused and nervous, Zoe responded: “Before entering the house everything was fine. I have no idea about anything and I’m just finding out now. I don’t know what will happen, but We will talk about it off camera.”

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“What’s the problem with him, Aixa?”he consulted Santiago del Moro to the mother of the GH participant, taking advantage of her presence on the program.

Also uncomfortable and trying to preserve her daughter’s peace of mind, Aixa replied: “It’s something I prefer to keep private. I even asked that they not mention it.”

“It is a long topic and it is complex. I don’t think we’re going to air it without Zoe knowing about it. “I asked for it expressly, to take care of his little head,” argued Bogach’s mother, who looked at her astonished and with visible anguish.

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At the beginning of January to Manuel Ibero was accused of wanting to sell intimate images of Zoe Bogacha participant in Big Brother 2023 with whom he has just begun a courtship.

From taking weapons, the young man defended himself on his social networks. “I never thought I would have to do this, but unfortunately I have to take care of my image and my person. The news that a journalist spread in bad faith is totally false“, he wrote, alluding to the delicate version that the influencer Nahuel Saa, known as La Criti, published.

And Manuel added: “Needless to say, defamation is a crime in light of the Argentine penal code, Therefore, I will take appropriate measures for this matter.”

Aixa was also in the eye of the storm, after disappointing the fandom of The Powerpuffsgroup made up of Zoe, Rosina Beltrán and Lucía Maidanafor campaigning for the woman from Salta, was out of competition when she was in trouble.

For this action, Bogach’s mother reaped hatred and anger from Lucía, with whom she smoothed things over.

The tremendous discomfort of Zoe from Big Brother when she finds out live that her mother and her boyfriend get along badly


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