Mariela Sánchez spoke about her relationship with Cristian Castro after another scandal: I am devastated

“With me in Mexico they are having a feast, the fans… I got into a very complicated place,” He said about all the soap opera that was generated with the couple.

And explained: “When this audio thing happened, we were both talking a lot until 6 in the morning, he was very calm. Afterwards I think that neither of us were going to be able to sustain it. He is an international artist and Mexico is strong. There are women out there who don’t have a relationship and are resentful.”

“I wanted to know and every shit I threw was for a reason,” argued about the content of those conversations that were leaked.

“I didn’t leave him because of any infidelity, it was because of an argument. “I met a Cristian who leads a very simple life, but when the topic of shows and women comes into play it is something strong, he is a great international artist.”made it clear about the reason for the end of his relationship with Cristian castro.

Mariela said that they both decided to end the romance: “Now it was a decision between both of us, I am a big girl and I am not used to supporting this. Now I feel very bad.”

“I never delete a message but you did not have a message from me from Cristian. I never spoke badly about him, I told the truth. I fell in love, I am devastated because I did not do well in talking about starting to talk on social networks with a person like this issue”, The businesswoman closed with pain.

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Cristian Castro and Mariela Sánchez, separated after the leak of a scandalous audio

a few days ago in In the afternoon, América Tv, broadcast a controversial audio of Mariela Sanchezthe then girlfriend of Cristian castro. In said recording, the woman from Córdoba made harsh comments about the artist.

Although those audios were sent when they were going through a crisis, the son of Veronica Castro He decided to end the relationship after listening to them.

“I only gossip at what moment… I would love for this mine to break out as well. Do you know what it’s like to bank the dirty fat man for seven years?“, “It’s like they are girls without possibilities, it’s like they see a famous person and wow! They are shocked by that, by fame, and he denigrates them”; “I think Cristian hates me, detests me, hates me, because he knows that I have many relationships and I move in the environment. “That I can date any important guy, he’s going to hate me,” you hear him say Mariela Sanchez.

In the last few hours, the woman from Córdoba released a statement, in which she apologized to Christian and clarifies that they made the decision to end their courtship.

“I want to publicly express the pain and regret I feel for what happened,” began Mariela Sanchez in a message he posted on his Instagram stories.

“I entered the underworld of the networks by talking to people who perhaps have not been as loved as me and, in a state of anger, I said horrible things about the person who I feel, in the depths of my soul, was a great love. Sorry Cristian”, He apologized.

“It surprises me that people don’t celebrate love and enjoy pain and want to destroy. “I am grateful to have met a romantic person who, despite everything, from her anger, spoke to me and taught me with great affection what love is,” She stated, outraged against the people who leaked the audios she sent when she separated from the artist.

With pain, the woman from Córdoba confirmed the breakup and commented that her ex-partner listened to everything she said about him in a state of anger.“Cristian listened to all the audios and we finally reached the end of the relationship. “It was unsustainable,”he remarked.

“The person who sent all this obviously does not post the videos and photos he sent me for me to react this way. And I fell. However, I feel my privacy has been violated when an intimate conversation with a person in whom I wrongly placed my trust is made known.”he expressed.

In the last lines of the post, Mariela Sánchez apologizes to the family and friends of Christianwho had to listen to everything he said about the singer: “I want to apologize to his entire family, Verónica Castro, Yuri, Darío de León and above all, to you, Cristian.”

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