Luis Miguel’s children were rejected by this famous YouTuber: “You shouldn’t treat people differently because they are someone’s family.”

Luis Miguel’s children were rejected by this famous YouTuber: “You shouldn’t treat people differently because they are someone’s family.”
Luis Miguel’s children were rejected by this famous YouTuber: “You shouldn’t treat people differently because they are someone’s family.”

Fede Vigevani rejected Luis Miguel’s children. (Instagram)

The children of Luis Miguel perhaps they went through a bitter pill after a famous youtuber will reject them to take a photo with them. The content creator in question assured that at that time he did not know who they were, but that, in any case, he would not have treated them differently because they were the children of some celebrity.

The previous story was also told on YouTube, in one of the recent episodes on Yordi Rosado’s channel. The former member and host of Another rollhe quoted in his interview program Fede Vigevanione of the largest video content creators in all of Latin America.

Vigevani, originally from Uruguay, has been prominent on the famous video platform since 2014 when he started a prank channel in the company of a friend, whom they called TwoRopes. However, after separating from him in 2018, the Uruguayan started his own solo content and has now reached a much higher level of fame and subscribers.

Fede Vigevani is the Uruguayan YouTuber with the most followers in the world and one of the most influential in Latin America. (@fedevigevani)

The content creator has the channel with the largest number of followers in Mexico. With their 50 million subscribers It is located in the Top 1 in our country and the Top 4 at the Spanish-speaking level. Therefore, it is understandable that even Luis Miguel’s children are his fans and have wanted to get closer to him. However, they were not so lucky.

An image where Miguel and Daniel are supposedly seen from behind is circulating among Luis Miguel’s fans (Photo: X)

During his interview with Yordi Rosado, Fede Vigevani said that once the children of the famous Sun of Mexico came to his door. As reported, it happened in June 2020, during the peak of the pandemic. He was in Acapulco, locked up with his team, recording one of his videos when two children knocked on the door.

His team warned him that these two children were there to meet him and take a photo with himHowever, he told them that he would do it only until he finished recording. He assures that he does it because he likes to be focused during the moment of recording.

Fede Vigevani. (Instagram)

“I don’t know how they found out we were there, but I was recording and when I’m recording I like to finish my videos, I don’t take a photo or something, because like that I’m concentrating. Well, I said that I would take the photo later because I was recording and they left,” she said.

Although they told him that they were Luis Miguel’s children, Vigevani did not finish landing on the idea and assimilating that it was about them. However, he assures that they would have received the same result since he does not believe in treating anyone differently because they are someone’s children.

“Obviously I knew at that moment, but I kind of didn’t fall for it. Later I found out that they were Luis Miguel’s children. that they were outside and what kind of thing later I started thinking and said ‘wow’. I mean, You also don’t have to treat people differently because you are someone’s child., but I am a big fan of Luis Miguel. I love all of his music and his entire career and he was very crazy,” he commented.

Fede Vigevani. (Instagram)

Fede Vigevani continued his story commenting that some time later had the opportunity to speak with Aracely Arámbulathe mother of the children, but in any case they were never able to arrange a meeting.

“Then I spoke with Aracely Arámbula because I wanted to do a project, I think, and she asked me for help with something and wanted to interview me, but in the end it didn’t happen because I don’t know…” said the YouTuber.

Vigevani confesses that he does not know if the famous singer’s children are still his fans: “Maybe they have grown up and feel the anger that ‘Fede never wanted to give us the photo.'”

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