Anamar could return to Desafío 2024 if Karoline’s injury worsens

Anamar could return to Desafío 2024 if Karoline’s injury worsens
Anamar could return to Desafío 2024 if Karoline’s injury worsens

Although Anamar was eliminated from Desafío 20 años after competing in the Box Negro against Darlyn, Mapi and Gaspar, the young paisa continues to be a trend on social networks, since she was one of the most controversial participants of this season of the program . This is the reason why she could return to the screens of Caracol Televisión.

Chapter 34 began showing the teams interacting in their homes and in Beta there was an event that caught the attention of several viewers, because Karoline
She seemed quite concerned about the discomfort in her left ankle.

Valentina approached her partner to ask her how she was feeling, since she was injured in the Sentencing and Services Challenge that took place in the Red Box in episode 33, where the contestants fought in a cage with a slippery floor.
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It should be remembered that that same night, after the test, the music producer cried because of the pain she felt in her ankle: “It is very swollen and I am very sad. I don’t want to leave like thisshe said and Darlyn tried to calm her down at the anxiety generated by the possibility of having to leave due to injury, as has happened with other Super Humans.

Karoline’s worries did not stop and she said that even though the paramedic team gave her pills to treat the pain and inflammation, she did not see much progress. Marlon advised him not to exert himself more than necessary, to use ice and to make cautious movements in the Blue Box.
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Could Anamar enter the 2024 Challenge again?

This fact generated several doubts in Colombians who are connected to the reality show, and in a Desafío publication on social networks they made known their theories, since In the event that the opponent’s injury worsens and she is forced to leave the competition -according to the rules of the Challenge-, the most recent eliminated person would enter to take her place, that is, Anamar

However, it seems that this situation would not be to the liking of many users and this is what they have expressed in the comments: “Nooooo, Anamar in Beta no please“, “I hope she recovers”, “Beta ends there hahahahaha Karoline is very good”, “Anamar joined the group through the beta link

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