Scandalous crossover between Furia and Noelia La Gata in Big Brother: They have little time left

Scandalous crossover between Furia and Noelia La Gata in Big Brother: They have little time left
Scandalous crossover between Furia and Noelia La Gata in Big Brother: They have little time left

The tattooed woman answered no and shot the hairdresser: “The fandom left the car… and that “He had a good nominees dinner regarding the LGBT flag to get votes.”

There, Noelia La Gata listened to her and asked her to respect what the flag of the group of gays, lesbians and trans people represents. True to her style, the most controversial player in the competition ordered her to shut up with an insult.

“I am LGTB, so close the o…, you are not going to tell me what I suffered. “You respect me and my house, this is my house, you come to steal a camera.”, Fury exploded.

Immediately, the singer from Córdoba responded very angrily: “Ordinary, you are an ordinary. Steal a camera? I have been working for 33 years. You respect that you don’t respect anyone. Respect the colors and the flag. You don’t even respect women.”

“They have little time left”, Juliana threatened and added: “Make your own fandom and stop shitting on others.”

Alone, from the patio, Noelia said to her dear friend Emma: “Furia was the one who fucked up all of his teammates.”

Noelia La Gata’s daughter, Antonella, referred to her mother’s crosses in Big Brother: “It bothers them…”

The daughter of Noelia La Gata, Antonella, spoke this Monday at Intruders (America TV) about his mother’s involvement in Big Brother (Telefe) and defended it tooth and nail.

“My mom acts like what she is. She is a goddess and a good person, and that bothers others. The brightness bothers others”, expressed in the cycle led by Florence of the V.

The singer from Córdoba, since she entered the most famous house in the country, has had several fights with the reality players. “I’m super upfront and so is my mom. Why don’t they tell her things to her face?”added Noelia’s daughter.

Then he referred to the disagreements that Noelia La Gata had with Florence Regidor. Before entering with my mother we saw the tape of Flor spitting out the food. My mother couldn’t say it, clearly, because it was information from the outside, but she was indignant and said ‘how is one of your teammates, beyond the game, going to spit on your food?’ She came in with that, half with an idea,” Antonella said.

There, he intervened Laura Ubfal, who consulted him about a fight in which he accused Florencia of having stolen. “She told him that in a joking manner and Flor took it as she wanted. We already know what Flor is like.” And he maintained: “Let Florence not act saintly because she provoked my mother.”

Later, about Noelia’s connection with Emmanuel VichAntonella said: “They have a super nice relationship. It’s like a mother and son, real. They’ve known each other since Emma was very young, she was a friend of my brother Lucio’s brother. My mother was going to bring him the fee and she ran into him one day. She then got into a fight with him, he called my mother, she came to my house and stayed for a while. They never stopped talking. When Emma has a problem she goes to my mom.”

Finally, the artist’s daughter spoke about Juliana ‘Furia’ Scaglione and safe: “My mom was a Fury fan.”

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