José Peláez and his clear response to the detractors of ‘The Great Famous Chef’: “I don’t think it’s time to stop”

José Peláez and his clear response to the detractors of ‘The Great Famous Chef’: “I don’t think it’s time to stop”
José Peláez and his clear response to the detractors of ‘The Great Famous Chef’: “I don’t think it’s time to stop”

‘The Great Celebrity Chef’ presented its twelve members at a conference. As recalled, in its seasons, the program has presented different formats, being one of the last ‘The restaurant’. In conversation with Infobae Peru, José Peláez He pointed out that the production will always look for new opportunities to attract the public, a fact that excites him, since it is in favor of the followers.

He points out that he is aware of the criticism from social media users, but also of the good comments that arise following the announcement of the eighth season of ‘The Great Celebrity Chef‘. During the interview, he also indicated that he would be happy to have Gaston Acurio in your program.

How have you taken the criticism about the new season and the request for a break?

There are comments from everything, I personally consider that we are happy, the public is happy and so are the sponsors. I don’t see why we should stop, we have only been on television for a year, there are programs that are more than 5 years old, more than 10 years old, I think it is still early to stop.

Were you very surprised by the reviews?

Nothing really surprises me to be completely objective, nothing surprises me. I just don’t think it’s time to stop. When it is time to stop, we will stop, but really right now we have no reason to stop, we keep having fun, we keep surprising each other, we keep creating fun moments, people are watching it, so we are happy.

José Peláez responds to the detractors of his cooking program. Latin

Now that recording has started, what has the experience been like?

Very funny, The Great Celebrity Chef It has that essence, that special spirit where the participants, even though they have been on television for a long time, have that feeling that they are arriving at a completely new place. It is a very special energy that I feel very lucky to enjoy.

It is a space where the public knows them much more…

It seems to me that it is a very nice opportunity that this program has to show the different participants that we have as they are. They are artists from different disciplines who sometimes do not necessarily have all the opportunities to show themselves as they are. Here we open the doors for them to do precisely that, do what they do best, be themselves.

You have Yaco Eskenazi, the host of ‘My mom cooks better than yours’…

The great Yaco, the truth is I had the opportunity to meet him several years ago, we have crossed paths at some point and he is a great guy. He really made me very excited and it made me very happy to know that he was going to come here to the kitchen, we are going to treat him with a lot of affection, love and respect. I’m sure we’re going to have a lot of fun with Yaco and it’s going to be a great season.

Yaco Eskenazi was featured on El Gran Chef Famosos. The host was in charge of the defunct program My mom cooks better than yours, with Ethel Pozo.

How is your married life going?

Happy, really, happy. I am in one of the best moments of my life and I love sharing this moment with my wife.

You have broken many hearts…

hahahaha do you believe, do you believe? Well, I haven’t seen any broken ones yet, but I feel very grateful for the wife I have and blessed with life right now.

José Pelaéz and Alejandra de la Flor married because they were religious.

Fans are aware not only of your professional field, but also of your personal one. How do you feel about respect?

Good vibes, always. I am very grateful for the beautiful vibe that all the people who watch El Gran Chef Famosos and who participate directly or indirectly in this program give me. This program has been a great blessing and I cannot say enough words of gratitude.

Would you like to have Gastón Acurio as a guest jury?

I am very happy with our jurors, we have truly created a beautiful family. As a guest jury it would be nice, it would be a great honor. I wouldn’t be surprised if we had the great Gaston Acurio At some point, the doors are open.

Giacomo Bocchio showed his admiration for Gastón Acurio.

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