Pain in the cast of “Sin Codificador” due to the death of one of its figures: “We are saddened by your departure”

The world of television is in mourning after sad news was announced that affected many figures in the entertainment industry. Blanca Menendezan important part of the program Danger: Uncoded (Telefe), He passed away this Wednesday.

The information was confirmed by X’s own account (former Twitter) of the program, which knew how to bring a smile to its viewers for many years. “White! We are saddened by your departure. Thank you for your humor and the good times with us. RIP,” they wrote, along with an image of the woman.

Through their different social media accounts, several members of Sin Codificador took to the platforms to fire Blanca. One of them was Pichu Straneowho shared an image of Menéndez wearing a wig and wrote: “Goodbye Blanquita, thank you for so many laughs.”

Pain in the cast of Sin Codificado: an iconic character died

Blanca Menéndez is remembered for her different and hilarious characters in Uncoded. One of them was Esperanza, the mother of “Roque Fort”part of the sketch that parodied the reality show of Ricardo Fort and his mother, Marta.

On the other hand, Blanca was also part of the section “Let’s Talk Without Knowing”, which made the program so famous. Another of the sketches that saw the actress show off her comedic talents was “The Outlet of Love”along with Yayo Guridi, Pichu, Migue Granados, Walter López, and Inés de la Torre.

Pichu Straneo’s farewell to Blanca Menéndez. instagram

Blanca also played Elsa Ram, with little writing and little memory, in the segment “Recycled Love”in which she played a woman who loses her memory, after surgery her face is changed and she transforms into a younger woman.

Menéndez was part of the cast of Uncoded almost since its beginnings, not only when the program moved to Telefe, but also since it was part of the American grid.

Elsa Menendez in Elsa Menéndez in “El Outlet del Amor”. Capture TV

Below the posting of the program on their networks, many fans expressed their sadness and condolences. “May he rest in peace, my condolences to his family”, “Surely they get together with Natalia Natalia to talk without knowing, I hug the sky”, “Thank you for all the smiles you made me bring out”, “Uncodificadores of mourning”, “A enormous shame”, “We will always remember her”, “For those of us who follow the program you will always be ‘Hope’, that’s how we met you” and “Have a good trip Blanca”, were just some of the comments from the cycle’s followers.

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