JLO was asked about Ben Affleck at a conference and had an unprecedented reaction

The “Diva of the Bronx” was presenting the film “Atlas.”

“Bennifer” is “the” topic of the week, and JLO knows it. Unfortunately for her, the promotion of the film “Atlas” coincides with the crisis she is experiencing, according to the press, with Ben Affleck. Consequently, at one of her events they asked her a question that made her uncomfortable and motivated one of the most unprecedented reactions in the artist’s career.

The actress, singer and businesswoman traveled to Mexico for the corresponding promotion. First she walked the red carpet alongside her castmate Simu Liu and director Brad Peyton… and a day later it was time for the press conference.

It was there that, in the midst of the flashes, a journalist wanted to know about her relationship with the Oscar winner. Even though the event was related to the film, the news about her personal situation generated a whirlwind that was difficult to stop.

At first he tried to ignore the query. But the man insisted, so the protagonist herself responded that “You know that’s not right.” In addition, he filled the atmosphere with tension, ending the conference he was giving.

Furthermore, when he was leaving the premises, and with clear signs of annoyance, he said in an ironic tone that “I love you, thank you”. On the other hand, surprised given the country she was visiting, she criticized that “no one asked me anything in Spanish… but okay.”

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