Calu Rivero is pregnant: she is expecting her second child with Aíto De la Rúa

Calu Rivero is pregnant: she is expecting her second child with Aíto De la Rúa
Calu Rivero is pregnant: she is expecting her second child with Aíto De la Rúa

Calu Rivero is pregnant and waiting for her second child with Aito De la Rua

This Thursday in the broadcast of THE M (America) Ángel de Brito said that Calu Rivero She is pregnant and waiting for a new baby, again the result of her bond with Fernando Aito of the Ruason of former Argentine president Fernando de la Rúa and Inés Pertiné.

“She is pregnant with her second child, daughter, son or whatever. He became a mother very recently, so he is a surprise. He turned one year old very recently,” the driver preluded before giving the name of the couple. “It’s Calu Rivero. Calu Rivero and Aíto de la Rúa again waiting for a baby. We don’t know the sex, we don’t know many details”he said later.

Then, he said that both the baby’s and the mother’s health are in good condition. “They have already communicated it to people around them, and everything is fine now., so we can confirm it,” he said. “Second pregnancy… It’s nice that the brothers are close,” de Brito closed with the topic.

Last February, the couple had celebrated the first year of life of CAT, his firstborn. Calu shared details of the intimate celebration held on the beaches of Punta del Este through his social networks. The event was attended by the parents of the person celebrating, who organized an outdoor meeting to mark this special milestone. As can be seen from the images, they opted for a celebration that highlights the importance of intimacy and connection with nature.

Calu Rivero and Aito de la Rua celebrating the first birthday of Tao, their son, last February (Instagram)

So, blankets and rugs They adorned the arena, creating a welcoming space where guests sat in a circle, symbolizing unity and community. A indian style tent It was the center of attention for the little ones, who enjoyed games and activities designed especially for them. As the afternoon fell, the celebration moved to the residence of Rivero and De la Rúa.

Regarding the theme chosen to commemorate this first year, a rainbow cake on whose surface it was decorated with the symbol of yin and yang, prepared specifically for the occasion by the mother.

Tao, for her part, wore an outfit that reflected her parents’ love and attention to detail, wearing white slippers with red hearts and a rustic vestcomplemented with a amber necklace, which symbolized protection and well-being. This set not only highlighted the little boy’s tenderness but also the beliefs and values ​​of his family.

After meeting fifteen years ago and experiencing a brief but intense romance, fate brought together again in 2021. Calu Rivero already Aíto de la Rúa in Punta del Este, a place where she spends much of the year. The story of this reunion captured the attention of many, as both chose to take their relationship away from the public attention and media that had previously documented their lives.

Aito de la Rua, Calu Rivero and Tao. Now, the family is growing (instagram)

Even, months after that moment, it was revealed that the couple had not only reunited romantically but were also expecting their first child. This turn signaled a new chapter for the two, news that was a source of joy for their followers and family.

“We meet again after 13 years in Uruguay. Beauty, beauty, life, what is already written, what can I tell you?“, expressed the actress also known as Dignity in a mobile phone that she gave to THE Mto talk about his new sentimental situation, without giving too many details, he explained that they had separated on good terms: “We always stayed very well, he is a beautiful man and I always felt like family, but I couldn’t even imagine this thirteen years later, the father of my son or my daughter“, he acknowledged, and told how they lived it: “We are surprised but also amazed, trusting a lot in that which is greater, which is not understood but which is written.”

When the pregnancy was confirmed, the actress showed the most important stages of the gestation of her first-born, between spiritual rituals, gymnastics classes, photos, hugs and a lot of love with her millions of followers as witnesses. And on February 22, 2023, the child was born, whom they named CAT and who came into the world in a home birth. “As I wanted,” summarized the actress, who has noticeably lowered her profile recently.

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