Anya Taylor-Joy taught Chris Hemsworth to speak like an Argentinian and the video went viral

Anya Taylor-Joy taught Chris Hemsworth to speak like an Argentinian and the video went viral
Anya Taylor-Joy taught Chris Hemsworth to speak like an Argentinian and the video went viral


Anya Taylor-Joy loves her Argentine roots and he makes it clear every time he finds the opportunity. After remembering her days in Buenos Aires, sharing her fanaticism for dulce de leche and revealing that she would like to work with Ricardo Darín, the actress took advantage of the presentation tour of Furious for show off his impeccable Argentine accent. As it did? With a brief but masterful Spanish class she gave to his co-star, Chris Hemsworth, and it went viral.

The funny moment took place in an interview that the duo of actors offered to Telenight within the framework of the premiere in the country of Furious, the new movie in the saga Mad Max. After talking about her characters, the journalist asked the young woman who rose to fame thanks to the series Queen’s Gambit to teach Hemsworth three words in Spanish that he really likes. Taylor-Joy didn’t hesitate.

“I think the most recognizable are two,” the artist began her explanation, and shot: “che” and “boludo”. While Anya repeated each one, emphasizing the local accent, Hemsworth tried to find the right tone. “Hey, idiot,” she insisted. “Whoa, Booldo. “Bolduda,” he repeated. “Bo-lu-da,” the actress dialed again, until the Hollywood heartthrob achieved a decent accent. Immediately, the two began to laugh. “It’s like you want to say ‘what’s up, man?’” Anya pointed out in English to explain the correct tone of the phrase. “They are probably the two most recognized Argentine words in history,” he added later.

In addition to showing that she knows the language and its idioms perfectly, Anya made it clear that she also knows the city. When asked to recommend three places in the country to visit to her colleague, she elaborated. “I think you should see the Río de la Plata, it is a nice place to go sailing. Buenos Aires is very beautiful. The architecture is wild. But if you could go out into the countryside more and ride horses, it’s really beautiful,” she listed.

Anya Taylor-Joy in Furiosa, the film that premiered yesterday in ArgentinaWarner Bros

At that moment, Anya had a memory from her childhood, and then she added another ride for Hemsworth. “You should also go see the Recoleta cemetery, it is full of cats. When she was little she used to go there to feed the kittens. I always liked them,” she recalled. “I don’t like cats,” he reacted bluntly. “I know, but oh well,” he lamented with a sigh. “We disagree,” she concluded.

Anya was born in Miami in 1996, but shortly after she moved with her family to Buenos Aires, a city that she usually describes as her favorite place. On several occasions, she highlighted that Argentina has great meaning for her, since this side of the Atlantic is where part of her family lives and where she travels every year to spend Christmas surrounded by many of her loved ones.

In Buenos Aires she was educated at Northlands School, the same institution attended by the queen of the Netherlands, Máxima Zorreguieta. At six years old, in the middle of the crisis in 2001, her parents decided to move to London to give them a “better future.” There she attended Hill House and Queen’s Gate School and she confessed that it was not an easy task to emigrate.

Anya was born in Miami, but grew up in Buenos Aires, her “favorite” placeTIDLA-53

“We moved to England, and I learned English (only) when I was eight years old. I was stubborn and wanted to go home and didn’t understand London at all. “I came from a place where everything was green and there were animals everywhere and, suddenly, I came here (England), and I said: ‘what the hell is happening?'” he explained to the Evening Standard.

For Anya, leaving Argentina as a child was a sad and frustrating event in her life; It was not easy for her to adapt to another culture: “My father is Scottish-Argentine and my mother is Afro-Spanish, and the political situation in Argentina was becoming so serious that they wanted her children to grow up in an environment without fear. “We all really resented them for that and now that we look back, we are very grateful to them because they gave us a great chance in life.”

Anya Taylor-Joy, excited after a visit to Buenos Aires in January 2022

Anya managed to learn English and feel comfortable abroad, but her heart still has a special affection for Argentina: “I come from many different places, but I think that my warmth and my way of seeing life are from Argentina. “I am very grateful for that part of my story.” When asked about her favorite food, she does not hesitate to repeat: “The churros with dulce de leche, the bread with provolone and the empanadas.”


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