Silvestre Dangond issued a curious warning in which he linked a song to the deaths of Kaleth Morales and Omar Geles

These were the words that Silvestre used. | Photo: Week

Colombia is shocked by the death of Omar Geles, one of the most influential vallenato singers and composers of recent times. King Vallenato, as he was known, wrote more than 1000 songs, many of them were performed by great stars of this musical genre.


For many, the sudden death of the maestro splits vallenato in two, since his legacy was unique with great compositions such as ‘Los Caminos de la Vida’, one of the most iconic songs. Geles was playing a tennis match when he suffered cardiorespiratory arrest. He was immediately transferred to the Erasmo clinic in Valledupar, where minutes later his death would be confirmed.

One of the most affected was Silvestre Dangond, the most important vallenato singer today. Both artists had a great friendship, in fact the urumitero had the privilege of recording 12 songs that were written in Geles’ handwriting. The complicity between the two was evident last Saturday, Omar appeared by surprise at the El Campín stadium to pay a well-deserved tribute to Silvestre, it would be the last time they would see each other.

For this reason, Dangond traveled to Valledupar and arrived at Plaza Alfonso López, where last Wednesday a tribute was paid to Geles. There, the native of Urumita sang and gave some words about what the death of his great friend represented.

Silvestre’s curious request

There was something that caught attention, Silvestre took advantage of the situation to make a curious request or warning for other artists and the supposed relationship between death and the song ‘A Blanco y Negro’, which was precisely written by King Vallenato.

“And there is one experience left for everyone, please let the Vallenato artists say nothing more than remember them with the song ‘A Blanco y Negro’. “First it was Kaleth and now Omar Geles, composed by himself,” express.

Silvestre’s comment occurs because Kaleth Morales, performer of great songs like ‘Todo de Cabeza’, before dying mentioned in one of his last shows that if something were to happen to him, he would like to be remembered with ‘A Blanco and Black’.

And if one day, whatever happens to me or I am always present, I want you to remember me with this song and say: ‘This is the song that Kaleth Morales likes,’” the artist said at the time.

These words were very similar to those that Omar Geles himself would say years later during a presentation before hundreds of people: “If something happens to me in my life, I want you to remember me with this song (…) My friend Silvestre recorded this song for me and we are going to remember Kaleth with it,” he pointed.

The coincidence did not go unnoticed, a video began to circulate on social networks with the moment in which the two singers made this request, so Silvestre did not miss the opportunity to issue the warning.

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