Jennifer López stars in ‘Atlas’, the film that explores the dilemmas and dangers of artificial intelligence

Jennifer López stars in ‘Atlas’, the film that explores the dilemmas and dangers of artificial intelligence
Jennifer López stars in ‘Atlas’, the film that explores the dilemmas and dangers of artificial intelligence

Amid the fury of generative artificial intelligence and the rapid development of this type of tools, it is reasonable to think about the ethical implications it could bring for humanity and its future.

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Atlas talks precisely about that. With a first-class cast, the film directed by Brad Peyton treats AI (artificial intelligence) in a different context. Although much has been said in the film industry about the dominance of machines, now the premise focuses on how humans can ally themselves with technology to achieve common goals.

Both the plot and the narrative are challenging. Through the script and performances of Simu Liu, Sterling K. Brown and Jennifer López, It seeks to maintain constant tension while exploring the introspective reflections on the life of Atlas Shepherd (played by López), the conflicts that arise when trusting this technology and how she is forced to put her life in it to save humanity.

“For me, filming for seven weeks solely in front of a green screen was a unique experience.”

From the production point of view, there is also an effort in the details of the robots, the environment of the planet where the story takes place and the cutting-edge technology that projects the future, such as holograms in which you can play with a Play a game of chess or ask him to make the perfect coffee. Machines that, in the end, are not so far from what we use in our daily lives today.

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Simu Liu plays the antagonist of this story, Harlan Shepherd. Embodying a humanoid robot that seeks to destroy humanity before it destroys itself. Sterling K. Brown, on her side, is Colonel Banks, a character with a gray and disturbing nature. EL TIEMPO participated in a press conference with the cast of Atlas.

The film shows the most intimate and human side of the man-machine relationship. What was the most challenging aspect as an actress to play with this premise?

Jennifer López (JL): For me, filming for seven weeks solely in front of a green screen was a unique experience. She was alone in that capsule, with a robot talking to me, but without moving around the stage; I was just there, imagining that the world was ending, that I was falling through a planet, or that I had broken my leg, or even fighting with people. All of this made every day a real struggle. She was returning home. Literally, limping from fatigue, because she demanded the most from me. I had never worked on a film with so much use of green screen before.

What did you like most about this particular story and its characters?

JL: I am a fan of all movies. I don’t really discriminate. I love all types of movies, dramas, everything. I think what I liked most about this movie was the relationship between Atlas and Smith, the fact that he was just this robot that she wanted nothing to do with and little by little he just takes the heart and soul out of him. be consistent and loving, and I think it’s a metaphor for relationships.

‘Atlas’ is now available on Netflix.


Is there any film or series that inspired you to work on this film?

Sterling K. Brown (SKB): Yes. I love how you’re able to talk about today’s society by taking things a little outside the realm of the here and now, but then you can talk about it more specifically. Like The Matrix did at the time, I really love that movie.

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Simu Liu (SL): I like video games, so when I read this script and saw some of the images, I thought of Titanfall. I’m also a big Gundam Wing fan, so I loved all the different visual influences that were seen and made this movie unique.

What did you learn working in the same film studio?

JL: I think being an athlete helps, but it’s not a normal thing to do even if you’re an actor. It is natural. One says I’m going to make believe this, this and this, but in the same way it still requires the emotion and intensity of the scene.

What is the message that stands out the most?

SKB: For me it all revolves around the ability to trust. You don’t get anywhere in life by yourself, that requires communication, cooperation, teamwork, because if you close yourself off, you are closing yourself off to a lot of bad things. You have to risk being hurt to risk being loved.

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